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Announcing the Schmidt-Hunter Meta-Analysis Award Frank Schmidt has provided the leader- ship to create a new endowment in the SIOP Foundation. The Schmidt-Hunter Fund will support the Schmidt-Hunter Meta-Analysis Award. It will recognize the best advances related to industrial and organizational (I-O) psychology as documented in published research in which meta-analysis is used. The new award will be given by SIOP for the first time in 2017. Let’s start with some comments about our history and our as- pirations for I-O practice and science. My generation entered the field when Thomas Kuhn was writing The Structure of Sci- entific Revolutions (1962). Already well aware of the role of peer review and consensus in scientific progress, I was attract- ed by the notion of a paradigm shift, and I hoped that I could experience one during the course of my career. Milton D. Hakel SIOP Foundation President Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, it was clear to us that validity cor- relations varied a lot, and we easily attributed that variation to situational differences. When Frank Schmidt and Jack Hunter began writing about validity generalization, and attributing the variance in validity correlations to statistical artifacts, we were deeply skeptical, but indeed a paradigm shift had begun. Decades later the acceptance and widespread use of me- ta-analysis marked the completion of the paradigm shift, and meta-analysis now is a fundamental tool that we use readily to refine our scientific thinking and practical applications. At the SIOP Conference in Philadelphia last year, Frank received the inaugural Dunnette Prize, clear and distinct recognition of the immense contribution to our field and science in general made by Frank and Jack’s work. 98 April 2016, Volume 53, Number 4