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Show Me The Money: Science Funding Speed Mentoring at the 2016 SIOP Conference! SIOP Scientific Affairs Committee The SIOP Scientific Affairs committee is delighted to announce it will be hosting its third annual “Science Funding Speed Mentoring” special event at the 2016 SIOP conference in Anaheim, CA on Friday, April 15, from 5:00-6:30PM in Pacific A of the Hilton Anaheim. This event complements several other conference events focused on improving science advocacy by providing SIOP members with information and resources to more effectively pursue scientific funding opportunities. Protégés that sign up for this special event will get the opportunity to engage in two (2) consecutive half-hour small group discussions with expert science fundees and funders. The science funding-related topics from which protégés can select on a first-come, first-serve basis are: Topic Trade‐offs and Pitfalls Mistakes to Avoid Emerging Fundable Topics Interdisciplinary Funding NSF Funding DoD Funding Writing Compelling Proposals Big vs. Small Grants 144 The discussions will be limited to no more than seven (7) protégés per mentor to ensure a truly interactive and personal experience, so sign up quickly before space runs out! Don’t miss this opportunity to sit down with some of the most knowledgeable funding resources in SIOP. This event is open to Fellows, Members, Associates, International Affiliates, and Student Affiliates. To sign up as a protégé, please complete the following survey: https://umdsurvey. If you have any questions about the SIOP Science Funding Speed Mentoring event, please contact James Grand at grandjam@ or Chris Nye (nyechris@msu. edu). Description Advantages and disadvantages of funded research, strategies for deciding when/whether to pursue funding,  managing funding requirements Tips for managing time/expectations, preparing budgets, finding the right funding sources, writing “doable”  proposals, generating exciting topics without promising too much Identifying topics of interest to funding agencies, “hot” new methods/content areas generating interest among  funders Partnering on funded research with collaborators outside of psychology, forming multidisciplinary research teams,  challenges with crossing disciplinary boundaries Strategies for getting funding from the National Science Foundation, NSF programs relevant to I‐O psychology,  topics of interest, examples of projects/proposals that have succeeded vs. not succeeded at NSF Strategies for getting funding from the Department of Defense, DoD areas relevant to I‐O psychology, topics of  interest, examples of projects/proposals that have succeeded vs not succeeded at DoD agencies Strategies for crafting effective grant proposals, how to organize/structure a proposal from beginning to end, how to  communicate the broader impacts/significance of one’s research Finding funding from non‐governmental agencies, writing seed grants, leveraging internal/university grants,  tradeoffs in “big” and “small” funding sources April 2016, Volume 53, Number 4