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Team Up at SIOP16 to Make a Local or Global Impact Zack Horn Chair, 2016 Theme Track Committee “To help others” and “to improve lives.” These are, by far, the two most frequent answers I hear when asking I-O psychol- ogists why they chose psychology as a career field. Very noble and aspirational goals, with the underlying theme of mak- ing a difference in the world. As I-O psy- chologists, our study and application of science for a smarter workplace certainly fits that bill; however, with technology and social media connecting the world so rap- idly over the past few years, many in our field have found new opportunities to help others and improve lives. SIOP’s Bridge Builders and affiliated prosocial programs are noteworthy examples, yet they’re just scratching the surface. If you get inspired by the prospect of us- ing I-O to make an impact in the world around you, you’re not alone. In fact, you very well may be in the majority. So much so that the entire 2016 SIOP Theme Track is dedicated to making it easier for you to identify and make a new meaningful impact. All you have to do is show up, and you’ll have already begun.   The Theme Track sessions on Thursday, April 14, are packed with insights, exam- ples, tips, and guided planning activities that will turn your “maybe someday” ideas into an actionable plan. Inspired by the multilevel approach to enhancing im- pact offered by SIOP President Steve Ko- zlowski, this year’s Theme Track provides The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist all you’ll need to get started (see full list of titles, presenters, and descriptions; all ses- sions in Convention Center 204C): Session 1 (10:30am): How Small Local Efforts Can Yield BIG #Impact In this inspiring IGNITE session, you will be inspired by others who have made a dif- ference in their local communities, learn to make a difference at any career stage by thinking locally, and take action by finding communities that could use your assistance. Session 2 (12:00pm): #Impact the World Through Organiza- tions: The Power of One In this TED-style session, you will learn how I-O can be used to help the envi- ronment, enable sustainable living, help workplaces focus on the greater good, facilitate volunteerism, and have other forms of practical impact. Session 3 (1:30pm): Using I-O to Make an #Impact on the Larger Society With this high-profile panel of global in- fluencers, you will learn to translate I-O for policy makers, hear how your peers are solving global problems by applying research findings, be inspired by the broad reach of our impact, and connect with other I-Os who wish and know how to make a difference at the policy level. 145