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Report of the Executive Director Selection Advisory Committee Tammy Allen, Milt Hakel, Bill Macey (co-chair), Fred Oswald (co-chair), Ann Marie Ryan, Neal Schmitt, Nancy Tippins In an email to the SIOP membership just a few weeks ago, SIOP President Steve Ko- zlowski announced the retirement of Dave Nershi as SIOP Executive Director (ED). In that same email, Steve further announced the formation of an ED Search Steering Committee (SC) comprising SIOP’s senior elected leaders including Steve, Fred Os- wald, Jose Cortina (until April 2016), and Scott Tannenbaum with overall responsibili- ty to guide and advise the Selection Adviso- ry Committee (SAC). Fred Oswald will serve as liaison to the SC on behalf of the SAC. The composition of the SAC was designed to draw on prior executive leadership in SIOP (i.e., past SIOP presidents); encompass expertise in selection, assessment, and leadership; and—across SAC members—to represent a diverse group of I-O psycholo- gists. SAC has full control over the oper- ational aspects of the search process and will determine the final pool of candidates for selection. The role of the SC is to link the search process to the SIOP Executive Board (EB). Elected members of the EB will ultimately select the next ED from the can- didate pool developed by the SAC. As difficult as it is to accept the news that Dave is retiring, it’s also hard to believe that 12 years ago the SIOP Executive Com- mittee embarked on the daunting process of recruiting, selecting, and assessing po- tential candidates for the ED position. At that time, a small committee (including 156 two members of the present SAC) created a process that ultimately led to Dave’s re- cruitment and subsequent hire. Though time has passed, the overall timeline and phases of the current effort are likely to follow a similar track. As an outline of what needs to get done, it’s useful to consider the timeline of events in reverse order. Dave will retire on May 1, 2017 after the annual conference. In order to benefit from working alongside Dave, the incoming ED should join the AO team some time before that, just as Dave joined a short time before Lee Hakel’s retirement in 2005. That means that hiring of the new ED should necessarily be completed early in 2017. Again working in reverse order, the role of the SAC will be to recommend a slate of candidates to the SC with suffi- cient time for review and consideration in December 2016. The assessment process is planned to begin in early October 2016, with vacancy announcement and recruit- ment beginning in June. Prior to that, the SAC will determine the requirements of the job, including consideration of ways in which the AO may likely change with re- spect to continuing growth of the Society and any strategic partnerships SIOP is likely to form. The job analysis and subsequent specifications for the vacancy will be com- pleted by end of May 2016, leaving suffi- cient time for review and feedback from the SC and subsequent revision by us. April 2016, Volume 53, Number 4