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This is the first offering of a new TIP column. The column is contextualized within the current SIOP landscape. Then, the re- sults of a brief survey conducted to lay the groundwork for the new column are shared, followed by a description of the vision for the column going forward. Given that the scientist–practitioner model underpins I-O psychology, the practice of I-O psychology should be based on evidence-based science and practical issues should inform scientific pursuits. However, over the past several years, there has been discussion, research, debate, and activity centered on identifying and/or addressing perceptions of “gaps” be- tween practice and research with the I-O field (e.g., Madigan & Giberson, 2010; Silzer & Cober, 2010; Silzer & Parson, 2012). Mark L. Poteet Organizational Research & Solutions, Inc. In 2008 and 2015, SIOP’s Professional Practice Committee (PPC) conducted the Practitioner Needs Survey seeking to bet�- ter identify perceptions regarding science-practice gaps (Porr, Axton, Ferro, & Dumani, 2016, and Silzer, Cober, Erickson, & Robinson, 2008). The results of these surveys influenced the development of several initiatives currently in place or in development that are focused on providing greater oppor- tunities for science–practice collaboration. Examples include SHRM-SIOP Science of HR Series, EBSCO Research Access, Practitioner Reviewer Database, and the Careers Study. “The Bridge” Lynda Zugec The Workforce Consultants J. Craig Wallace Oklahoma State University What was evident within the findings is the need for more “bridg- es” to connect science and practice. Indeed, examples of SIOP looking to create bridges between different groups abound. For example, SIOP has sought to develop ways to connect the larger community of I-O psychology academics and practitioners with those outside of the community. The “Building Bridges” initiative is one example. Within that effort, resources were developed that connect individuals online, suggest practices for making I-O connections, and provide materials to educate others about I-O. Taking further steps to bridge the science and practice gap is also on the top of the agenda for the SIOP leadership. For exam- The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist 17