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Beyond Borders: The Importance of Global Experiences in Graduate Student Education Since its emergence, industrial-organizational psychology has been required to adapt to market trends, industry demands, and the increasing capabilities of technology in order to re- main competitive; a challenge within an increasingly globalized market. The issue of globalization has been a “hot topic” for years, and remains one of the top challenges for related fields, including human resources management (Vorhauser-Smith, 2016) and has been identified by leading I-O practitioners as one of the key future directions for our field (Silzer & Cober, 2010). Moreover, with the increasing need for a cross-cul- tural understanding of organizational phenomena, those in academia are also recognizing the importance of global con- siderations in both the design and application of research. As a result, globalization has become a key consideration within our field for both research and practice, and should become formalized within graduate students’ learning and experiences. We present this column to encourage more holistic and global- ly aware graduates in I-O. Grace Ewles Jessica Sorenson For I-O, globalization refers to the shifting marketplace associ- ated with the international expansion of many organizations. Thomas Along with this, the definition also includes increased cultural diversity associated with expanding workforces, and the in- Sasso creasing use of technology to support diverse work teams. This growth comes with the need for additional contextual knowledge in order to apply a nuanced approach to managing cultural expectations, preferences, and values in order for our unique expertise to resonate with foreign markets and clients. Moreover, international partnerships provide an opportunity to learn about the unique challenges facing various industries and improve our current practices. Without adequate adaptation, we risk our practices becoming outdated or irrelevant within the growing global market. University of Guelph 46 In order to promote the continued growth of our field in both research and practical streams, the value of global opportu- nities must be instilled throughout the graduate experience. April 2016, Volume 53, Number 4