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Toward a Business Acumen Competency Model for I-O Practitioners Our discipline is deeply rooted at the intersection of psychol- ogy and business. Plainly, without business, 1 industrial-or- ganizational (I-O) psychology as we know it would not exist. In a small irony, for those of us who received our education in a department or school of psychology, little instruction or knowledge related to business may have been imparted. Thus, unless we learned it on our own or were fortunate enough to have former business experience, many of us left graduate school lacking in basic business acumen. A lack of business acumen can have a major influence on many facets of our professional life, and it can impact our credibility and success as practitioners when we are required to speak the language of our clients and understand their businesses. Matthew Minton Verizon In response to the relative dearth of education related to business acumen among I-O psychology practitioners, the SIOP Professional Practice Committee (PPC) sought to devel- op a business acumen competency model for I-O psychology practitioners. The desired outcome of the project was a com- petency model that would benefit all members of SIOP, from practitioners of all stripes to graduate students to academics that develop graduate school curricula. We are hoping the model will help guide continuous and ongoing education efforts to equip practitioners with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. The purpose of this Practitioners’ Forum is to present the Business Acumen Competency Model for I-O psychology prac- titioners that was developed by the PPC. It is divided into three parts. First, I provide context by presenting two definitions of business acumen from two organizations that have a similar focus as SIOP. Next, I briefly discuss the focus groups that gen- erated the initial draft of the competency model. Finally, I pres- ent the final competency model and I-O-specific definition of business acumen that resulted from the endeavor. The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist 63