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SIOP Government Relations Introduces the Policing Reform Initiative to Congressional Staff In February, SIOP President-Elect Jim Outtz joined Lew- is-Burke for a series of meetings with representatives from Capitol Hill and nongovernmental organizations to highlight the impacts and applications of I-O evidence-based research on policing reform, to urge stakeholders to apply I-O research to related policies and programs, and to position and pro- mote SIOP as a collaborator and resource for these organiza- tions going forward. Expanding the Impact of I-O Across the Federal Government Seth Kaplan George Mason University Laura Uttley Lewis-Burke Associates LLC 80 The meetings were part of a nearly year-long comprehensive initiative that began with a discussion led by Lewis-Burke at the April 2015 Annual Conference. During the conversation, Dr. Outtz proposed developing a government relations ini- tiative on policing as a way to apply I-O to an active federal policy debate by leveraging SIOP members’ research on police recruitment and selection processes, leadership, individual and organizational decision making, and training. Following the meeting, Lewis-Burke began working with Dr. Outtz to create a working group to coordinate I-O efforts in this space and con- sider evidence-based solutions to complex policing challenges. In June 2015, SIOP and Lewis-Burke facilitated the first working group call, including SIOP members Dr. Frederick Oswald, Dr. Michelle Hebl, Dr. Kevin Ford, Dr. Daniel Newman, Dr. Leaetta Hough, Dr. Cindy McCauley, and Dr. Ann Marie Ryan. Over the next several months the working group held several more calls. During the discussions, Lewis-Burke contributed updates on policing concerns and solutions discussed by members of Congress; the Obama Administration and federal agencies; and nongovernmental stakeholders—such as the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine—while SIOP members considered relevant I-O research and models to address these issues. Through this process, Lewis-Burke and SIOP developed a strategy to draft a series of guidance documents that categorized I-O findings in key areas, such as police recruitment and selection processes, leadership, and training to share with and inform key federal decision makers April 2016, Volume 53, Number 4