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Second, the most important initial priori- ty for the SC was to design and compose the Selection Advisory Committee (SAC) that would have operational responsibility for recruiting, assessing, and prioritizing potential ED candidates. In other words, the SAC will do all the heavy lifting with respect to identifying a qualified pool of candidates for the ED position. Thus, in composing the SAC, we wanted to ensure that its members: (a) possessed SIOP executive leadership experience (i.e., SIOP past presidents); (b) had relevant professional expertise in assessment, selection, and leadership; (c) represented a balance across science and practice orientations; and (d) comprised a diverse set of I-O psy- chologists. Bill Macey led the ED search process that selected Dave Nershi a decade ago. He graciously agreed to lend his experience and expertise to lead the SAC. In consulta- tion with Bill, we composed the member- ship of the SAC to ensure that it possessed SIOP leadership experience, relevant professional expertise, balanced science– practice orientations, and diversity. The structure and process of the ED search, and the membership of the SAC were briefed at the winter EB meeting. As noted, the SAC will design and have op- erational control over all phases of the ED search process. Its members are Bill Macey who serves as co-chair, with operational re- sponsibility for SAC; Fred Oswald, who also serves as co-chair, with liaison to the SC; Tammy Allen; Milt Hakel; Ann Marie Ryan; The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist Neal Schmitt; and Nancy Tippins. I trust that you will agree that SIOP is very fortu- nate to have this stellar group of seasoned I-O psychologists working on our behalf to find a new executive director for SIOP. Functionally, the SAC will develop and execute the process for recruiting, assess- ing, and identifying a pool of qualified ED candidates. In consultation, the SAC and SC will prioritize the pool of qualified ED candidates. The SC will present the results of that process to the EB with appropriate input from SAC members. The ultimate decision for who to hire as SIOP’s next ED will be made by the voting members of SIOP’s EB. We hope to conclude the pro- cess by late 2016 so the ED designate will have an opportunity to shadow Dave and come up to speed on the role. Elsewhere in this issue of TIP, Bill Macey has provid- ed an overview of SAC’s initial planning for the search. The SAC will provide regular updates to SIOP membership as the ED search process takes shape and unfolds. In other governance news, your president elect, Jim Outtz, was appointed to the APA CEO Search Committee, where he would have joined SIOP Fellow Rodney Lowman. This is an influential opportunity for Rod- ney to share SIOP’s expertise, to enhance the visibility of industrial and organization- al psychology within APA, and, hopefully, help to select an effective CEO for APA. The early registration numbers for the SIOP Conference in sunny southern Cali- fornia were released recently (mid-Febu- rary, as I compose this column) and they broke the 3,000 barrier. According to 7