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Highlights of SIOP’s
Programming at the
2017 APA Convention

Mindy Shoss
2017 APA Program Chair 



SIOP’s APA Committee is pleased to announce a fantastic program for the 2017 APA Convention! We have a wide range of programming (invited addresses, symposiums, panel discussions, conversation hours, skill building sessions, etc.) offered by researchers and practitioners from around the world. Here are some highlights:

  • Addresses on current challenges for I-O research and practice:
    • Open Science, Open Practice: Implications for Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Beyond (Fred Oswald)
    • Work, Psychology, and Sustainable Development (Lori Foster)
    •  Ready or Not, Here They Come! Understanding Today's Young Employees (Georgia Chao)
    • Harnessing the Potential of an Aging Workforce (Barbara Fritzsche)
  • Symposia on cutting edge issues in I-O psychology:
    • Shifting Organizational Culture: Moving Toward the Use of Data-Informed Evidence-Based Care (Co-chairs: William Shennum & Isis Orozco)
    • Data-Driven I-O Ammo for Transitioning Military Veterans (Chair: Peter Reiley)
  • Panel discussion on reporting compensation data (Joanna Colosimo, David Cohen, and David Fortney)
  • Paper sessions on occupational health psychology, organizational interventions, and individual differences
  • A Q&A Session with Division 14/SIOP council representatives to learn about happenings at APA and SIOP (Deirdre Knapp, Georgia Chao, Gary Latham, Stephen Stark)
  • A skill-building session on creating datasets from Twitter and Facebook (Richard Landers)
  • Two poster sessions on occupational health and leadership
  • A conversation hour exploring “Psychologist, I-O Psychologist, or HR Professional: Who Am I?” (Alexander Alonso and Elliot Lasson)
  • A reception co-hosted with the Personnel Testing Council of Metropolitan Washington (PTCMW)
  • And more!

Don’t miss out! APA registration opens April 17. The convention takes place Aug. 3-6, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

Also, congratulations to the incoming 2018 APA Chair, C. Allen Gorman!