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April 1991, Vol. 28 No.4


Call for Nominations and Entries, 1992 Awards of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

SIOP Remains Active in Civil Rights Legislation

Report on the 1991 SIOP Conference Program
by Michael A. Campion

Comment on the Official Position of SIOP on the Civil Rights Act of 1990
by Lance W. Seberhagen

Justice Department Memo on 1989 Supreme Court Civil Rights Decisions (February 7, 1991)

Is Significance Testing on the Way Out?
by Allen Huffcutt

Workplace Ethics: R & D Issues for I/O Psychologists
by Gary B. Grumback, Michele Brock, and Carole Vitale

Team Decision Making in Organizations: A Conference Report
by Richard A. Guzzo

German Unification: Implications for Industrial/Organizational Psychology in Europe
by Barbara B. Ellis and James L. Farr

Program for Sixth Annual SIOP Doctoral Consortium
by Greg Dobbins and Bob Vance

Update on the APA Convention: San Francisco, August 16-20,1991
by Katherine J. Klein

History of Early I/O Doctoral Programs
by Raymond A. Katzell 

History of Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Purdue University
by C. H. Lawshe and Howard M. Weiss .

Work and Well-Being: An Agenda for the 90's
by James Campbell Quick, Frank Landy, and Stanislav Kasl

The APS-SIOP Connection
by Lee Herring and Eugene F. Stone

How are Proposals Selected for the SIOP and APA Conferences?
by Michael A. Campion

McDaniel's Second Principle: A Practitioner's Perspective
by Timothy G. Wiedman

The Vinchur Correction Factor for Attenuated N: An Extension to Field Methodology
by Garry L. Hughes and Andrew J. Vinchur 

Associations of Applied Psychologists

Starting an I/O Organization in Your Area


President's Message
by Frank Landy

SIOP Calendar

Long Range Planning Committee Activities
by Allen I. Kraut 

by Steve W. J. Koziowski

Upcoming SlOP Conferences

Vantage 2000: Issues in Training and Opportunities for Involvement
by Kurt Kraiger

Practice Network
by Tom Baker


Calls and Announcements

Positions Available