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April 1992, Vol. 29 No. 4


A Parting Editorial
by Steven W. J. Koziowski

Call for Nominations and Entries, 1993 Awards of the Society for I/O Psychology 

1992 APA Centennial Convention
by Lynn R. Offermann

To Test or Not to Test: The Status of Psychological Testing Under the ADA
by David W. Arnold and Alan J. Thiemann

I/O Psychology in Romania: Past, Present, Intentions
by Horia D. Pitariu

Psychology in the People's Republic of China
by Joel Lefkowitzand Kevin Murphy

I/O Work Roles: PhD vs. Masters Level Practitioners
by Jeffery Schippman, Susan D. Schmitt, and Steven L. Hawthorne

Autobiographies of Past Presidents of SIOP
by Paul W.Thayer

History of Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Ohio State
by James T. Austin

The Linda Gottfredson Case
by Edwin A. Locke 

SIOP Forms Task Force on Ethnic Minority Participation
by Jeffery J . McHenry and Loriann Roberson

How to Break In To The "In" Group
by Allen I. Kraut 

Play It Again ...
by Kathy A. Hanisch

Call for Comment on the Civil Rights Act of 1991
by Paul R. Sackett

Internationalizing I/O Psychology: Getting Started
by Mary D. Zalesny

APA Moves to Capitol Hill


A Message from Your President

SIOP Calendar

by Steve W. J. Kozlowski

Vantage 2000: A Potpourri
by Kurt Kraiger

Research Support/Bulletin Board
by Eduardo Salas and Kerry A. Burgess

Practice Network
by Thomas G. Baker

The SIOP/APS Connection
by Lee Herring and Eugene F. Stone

Upcoming SIOP Conferences 

Calls and Announcements

Positions Available