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April 1993, Vol. 30 No. 4


SIOP '93 San Francisco: Get Ready and Go!
by Lynn R. Offermann

Call for Nominations and Entries, 1994 Awards of the Society for I/O Psychology 

The National Academy of Science Establishes a Board of Testing and Assessment
by Dianne C. Brown

Subgroup Norming and the Civil Rights Act of 1991
by Dianne C. Brown 

TIP PROFILES: Kevin Murphy
by Karen E. May

Lee J. Cronbach: Asking the Right Question
by Robert Most

SIOP Membership Criteria
by Marcia M. Andberg

Personality Questionnaires in Selection: Privacy Issues and the Soroka Case
by Douglas N. Jackson and Jonathon D. Kovacheff

Proposal for Meta-Analysis as a Core Graduate Curriculum Requirement
by George M. Alliger

SIOP Committees
by Nancy T. Tippins 

Speech by EEOC Chairman Kemp to the National Press Club 

DOT Advisory Panel-Eliminated by Clinton Administration?
by Wayne J . Camara 

SIOP Task Force on Minority Participation
by Loriannn Roberson and Jeffrey McHenry

The People's Republic Reconsidered
by Joel Lefkowitz

Research: A View from the Bottom-Not Just for Rats Anymore
by Kerry A . Burgess

1993 APA Convention
by Jeffrey J. McHenry


A Message from Your President
by Wayne Cascio

International Affairs Subcommittee
by Mary D. Zalesny

by Kurt Kraiger

Practice Network
by Thomas G. Baker

Vantage 2000
by Charmine E. J. Hattel

SIOP Calendar

The SIOP/APS Connection
by Lee Herring and Eugene F . Stone

Master's Matters
by Rosemary H. Lowe

Upcoming Conferences and Meetings

Calls and Announcements