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August 1976; Vol. 13, No. 4

Table of Contents

Division 14's Name?

Interview With the Outgoing President

Notes and News

Umstot Wins Dissertation Award

Income of Division 14 Members

Washington v. Davis

Washington v. Davis Decided by Supreme Court

Washington v. Davis Retrospect and Prospect

EEOC Assessed $80,000 in Attorneys' Fees

METRO Chooses 1976-77 Officers

Convention Program

Program-at-a-Glance Schedule

Small Group Discussion Session Schedule

How About Some Public Relations for Your Work?

Committee on Scientific Affairs

Washington 1976 Program Ready to Go

Long Range Planning Committee

Membership Committee

Education and Training Committee

Professional Affairs Committee

Public Policy and Social Issues

Committee on Committees

Quality of Work Life: Divergent Viewpoints

New I/O Psychology Organization In Minnesota

Standards for Assessment Center Operations

Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector

Position Available