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August 1988, Vol. 25 No. 4


Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Inc. APA Convention Program

Survey of Personnel Research Departments
by Sarah E. Rassenfoss and Allen I. Kraut

A New Application for Industrial Psychology: Sports
by Jed Friend and Arnold LeUnes

Research in Personnel Psychology in West Germany
by HeinzSchuler

Work and Organizations in the 1990s: What's a Union To Do?
by Mary D. Zalesny

The Early Years of I/O: Hugo Munsterberg and the Polygraph
by Frank J. Landy

Senate Approves Bill to Ban Polygraph Testing in the Workplace
by Wayne J. Camara


President's Message
by Daniel R. Ilgen

SIOP Calendar

by James L. Farr

Education and Training (E &T) Committee
by Edward L. Levine

Frontiers Series
by Raymond A. Katzell


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