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August 1975; Vol. 12, No. 3

Table of Contents

Division Guidelines Published

New Draft From EEOCC

Assessment Standards Developed

Social Issues Materials

Southeastern I-O Organizes

E & T Departmental Survey

Focus on Paul Thayer

Fleishman Elected President of IAAP

ASPA Files Amicus Brief

Center Hosts I-O Practitioners

IAAP Sets Goals

TIP Talks to Don Grant

Notes and News

Festschrift for Ross Stagner

Handbook to Appear in August

International Ergonomics 1976

Federal Courts Write Guidelines

Convention Program Innovations

Division 14ers in APA Offices

Convention Program

Long Range Planning Committee

1975 Workshops

Enlarging Scope of I-O Psychology

PPSI Committee Reports

Scientific Affairs Report

E & T Committee Report

Professional Affairs Activities

Committee on Committees

Membership Commitee Report

Technical Assistance Program

Technical Assistance Program

Supreme Court Albemarle Case

International Commission on Tests

Test Construction for Developing Countries

Center for Creative Leadership