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August 1966, Vol. 3 Issue 3

President's Message

Official Division Business
     Minutes of Spring Executive Committee Meeting
     Report of Spring Meeting of APA Council 
     Division 14 Workshop Announcements
     Proposed Changes in Divisional Bylaws

Conference and Meeting Notes
     The Industrial Psychologist as an Agent of Change

Announcements of Interest
     See the United Nations
     Creativity Research Publication Available
     Vote for Increased Assessment
     Manuscripts for Occupational Psychology Solicited
     For a Safe and Sane Convention City
     Help Wanted
     ABEPP Examinations Announced
     Peripatetic Past Presidents
     Test Availabel for Research

Letter to the Editor

Letter from Overseas
     National Institute of Psychology in Iran

Research Notes
     Cross Cultural Dimensions of Executive Life History Antecedents
     Dear Heloise
     Social Skills - Criteria or Predictors

Professional Notes
     The Interests of New Division 14 Members
     Starting Salaries for 1966 Ph.D.'s -  A Small Survey
     The Industrial Psychology ABEPP: Evaluating the Evaluators

Editor's Note
     Romance, Anyone?
     Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Division 14 Committee Structures 1965-66