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February 1989,  Vol. 26 No. 2


Fourth Annual SIOP Conference
by Ronald D. Johnson

The 4th Annual Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Workshops

Come to Boston for the 4th Annual SIOP Conference
by Joseph Czajka and Joel Wiesen

MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! SIOP Financial Report for 1987-88
by John R. Hinrichs

Report on the 3rd Annual I/O-OB Doctoral Student Consortium
by Dennis Doverspike

Tulane to Host National I/O & OB Convention for Graduate Students

American Psychological Society Convention June 10-12, 1989

Call for Posters-American Psychological Society Meeting

Supreme Court Reviews Case of Sex Bias in the Workplace
by Wayne J. Camara

Employer's Burden of Proof May Be Reduced in Testing Cases
by Edward E. Potter

Base Rates and Tests of Deception: Has I/O Psychology Shot Itself in the Foot?
by Philip J. Manhardt

Merging and Acquiring Organizations: Employee Impact and the Role of I/O Psychologists
by Mitchell L. Marks, James P. Walsh, David M. Schweiger and Carol A. Paradise

The Early Years of I/O: Mr. Barnard's Harvard Circle
by William G. Scott and Terence R. Mitchell

The Early Years of I/O: J. D. Houser and J. D. I.
by Frank J. Landy 

Industrial Gerontology: A Review of Legal and Research Issues
by Mary Anne Taylor


President's Message
by Ann Howard

SIOP Calendar

by James L. Farr



Positions Available
by Rick Jacobs