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January 1994, Vol. 31 No. 3


SIOP Annual Conference
by Bill Macey

SIOP 1994 Conference Special Event

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Workshops

Welcome to Nashville—Music City, USA
by Stan Golden

1994 SIOP Conference Program
by Jeffrey J. McHenry

Job Placement Services
by Donna L. Denning

Third Annual SlOP 5 K Road Race

Ralph Alexander: A Memorial

Ann Howard: Gaining Perspective
by Robert Most

Flunking Testing: Is Too Much Fairness Unfair to School Kids?
by C. Boyden Gray and Evan J. Kemp, Jr

Assessing Fairness Requires Understanding the Issues
by Sheldon Zedeck, Wayne Cascio, Irwin Goldstein, and James Outtz

Some Reminders/Changes for JAP
by Philip Bobko

The Justice Dilemma in Employee Selection: Some Reflections on the Trade-Offs Between Fairness and Testing by Russell Cropanzano

1993 Profile of Division 14 Members: Noteworthy Trends
by William K. Balzer and Ann Howard

What's New for the 1990's Standards?
by Dianne C. Brown

1994 SlOP Doctoral Student Consortium
by Janet L. Barnes-Farrell and Debra A. Major

The Personality Test for the 90's
by Nancy L. Robinson

Third Volume in Professional Practice Series Published

Services Management: An I/O Opportunity
by Benjamin Schneider


President's Message
by Paul Sackett

by Kurt Kraiger

SlOP Executive Committee Highlights

Practice Network
by Thomas G. Baker

Vantage 2000
by Charmine E. J. Hartel

TIP Fax Poll
by Adrienne Collella

From Both Sides Now
by Allan H. Church

Student Network
by Kerry A. Burgess

International Affairs Subcommittee
by Barbara B. Ellis

How Our Society Works: Continuing Education and Workshop Committee
by Catherine Higgs

Upcoming Conferences and Meetings

Calls and Announcements