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January 1991, Vol. 28 No 3.


SlOP Annual Conference—Meet Us in St. Louis, April 25-28,1991
by Ron Johnson 

St. Louis, Here We Come
by Therese Hoff Macan

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Entertainment Programs

Sixth Annual Industrial/Organizational Psychology Doctoral Consortium
by Greg Dobbins and Bob Vance

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Workshops 

Licensure and I/O Psychology: A Primer
by Donald L. Fischer

OTA Releases Report on Integrity Testing
by Wayne J. Camara

DoL Innundated with Comments on GATB as Controversy Continues
by Dianne C. Brown

Excellence of Academic Institutions as Reflected by Backgrounds of Editorial Board Members
by Robert G. Jones and Richard J. Klimoski

When Job-Testing 'Fairness' is Nothing But a Quota
by Linda S. Gottfredson

A Conversation with Morris S. Viteles
by Craig J. Russell

A Conversation with Harold Burtt
by Frank J. Landy

Annual Conference—Future Sites
by Ron Johnson

Something New in SIOP Workshops

Vantage 2000: Resources on the Aged and Adult Learning, and a Look Back on Diversity in the 1990's
by Kurt Kraiger

Practice Network
by Tom Baker


A Message from Your President
by Frank Landy

SIOP Calendar

by Steve W. J. Kozlowski


SIOP Membership Criteria
by Wayne Camara

Calls and Announcements


Positions Available