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July 1969, Vol. 6 No. 1-3

President's Message

Official Divisional Business
     Minutes of Outgoing Executive Committee Meeting     
     The Dorsey Press Advertisement     
     Minutes of Business Meeting at San Francisco
     Minutes of Incoming Executive Committee Meeting
     Minutes of Winter Executive Committee Meeting
     Minutes of Summer Executive Committee Meeting

Convention Program for the 1968 APA Meeting

Announcements of Interest
     Seventeenth Annual Workshop in Industrial Psychology
     Distinguished Professional Achievement Award
     ABPP Specialty Renamed
     Other Announcements

News from Other Newsletters

Research Notes
     A Study of Job Characteristics and Job Dimensions
     The Meaning of Work and the Motivation to Work
     Research Information Exchange

News From Academia
     Position in Lagos Nigeria for Industrial Psychologist
     Western Michigan University's Program

Professsional Notes
     Notes From Washington
     Guidelines for Telephone Listing
     Promotional Activities and Advertisements
     Call for Nominations for Fellow Status in Division 14

Editor's Note

Division 14 Committee Structure