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July 1993, Vol. 31 No. 1


The 1993 Division 14 APA Program
by Jeffrey J. McHenry

Testimony of Paul R. Sackett on Behalf of the APA on Title IV of Goals 2000: Educate America Act

1994 SIOP Award: Guidelines for Nominations

TIP PROFILES: Elaine Pulakos
by Karen E. May

First American Female Applied Psychologist
by Laura L. Koppes, Frank J. Landy, and Kathleen N. Perkins

Looking Like America, with a Response
by Evan Kemp: Two Washington Post Editorials

SlOP Committee Members: 1992-1993 

Applied Psychology at Minnesota
by Marvin D. Dunnette

SIOP's 1993 Award Recipients
by Wayne J. Camara

Pat C. Smith: Satisfaction in Life
by Robert Most

1993 SIOP Fellowship Awards
by Angelo DeNisi

An Ethics Code for I-O Psychology: For What Purpose and at What Cost?
by Rodney L. Lowman

Civil Rights and Subgroup Norming
by Dianne C. Brown

SIOP Task Force on Ethnic Minority Participation
by Jeffrey J. McHenry and Loriann Roberson

Joint NSF/Private Sector Research Opportunities Initiative Announcement


A Message from Your President
by Paul R. Sackett

by Kurt Kraiger

Fellowship Committee
by Dick Jeanneret

SIOP Executive Committee Highlights
by Nancy T. Tippins

Practice Network
by Thomas G. Baker

Tip Fax Poll
by Adrienne Colella and Kurt Kraiger

Report of the Scientific Affairs Committee
by Kevin R. Murphy

Student Network
by Kerry A. Burgess

SIOP Calendar

Master's Matters

Upcoming Conferences and Meetings

The SIOP/APS Connection
by Lee Herring

Calls and Announcements