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July 1994, Vol. 32 No. 1


The 1994 Division 14 APA Program
by Ann Marie Ryan

SIOP'S 1994 Award Recipients
by Joan P. Brannick

1995 SlOP Awards: Guidelines for Nominations

Edwin A. Fleishman: Applying Academia
by Robert Most

Skill Standards, Assessment, and Certification: One-Stop Shopping for Employers?
by Wayne J. Camara

"I am the Very Model of a Scientist-Practitioner"
by Paul R. Sackett

Third Annual SIOP Road Race: Waltzing Through SIOP
by Kevin Williams

Membership in SIOP
by William Balzer

How Do You Join SIOP?
by William Balzer

1994 SlOP Fellowship Awards
by Dick Jeanneret

Memo to Colleagues Who are Not "On-Line" with E-mail
by Vicki Vandaveer

An Evaluation of Banding Methods in Personnel Selection: Report of the Scientific Affairs Committee

SIOP Task Force on Ethnic Minority Participation
by Loriann Roberson

Looking at the IO/OB Conference from the Inside Out: A Win-Win-Win Situation
by Karl E. Brugger and Dale S. Rose

Federal Policy Update
by Dianne C. Brown

SIOP Committee Members: 1993-1994

Revision of the Testing Standards
by Wayne J. Camara

Report on the Ninth Annual Industrial/Organizational Psychology Doctoral Student Consortium
by Janet L. Barnes-Farrell and Debra A. Major


A Message from Your President
by Walter C. Borrnan

by Kurt Kraiger

Vantage 2000 by Charmine E. J. Hartel

TIP Fax Poll
by Adrienne Colella

SlOP Executive Committee Highlights
by Nancy T. Tippins

Practice Network
by Thomas G. Baker

Master's Matters

External Affairs: Survey of Regional Applied Psychology Groups

The SIOP/APS Connection
by Lee Herring

Upcoming Conferences and Meetings

Calls and Announcements

SIOP Calendar