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June 1971, Volume 8, Numbers 2 & 3

President's Message

Official Divisional Business
     Highlights of the Winter Executive Committee Meeting
     Highlights of the Spring Executive Committee Meeting
     Proposed Ammendments to Bylaws

Division 14 Program for 1971 APA Convention

Announcements of Interest
     The 19th Annual Workshop in Industrial Psychology
     Other Announcements
     Leadership Symposium

Letter to the Editor
     Letter from Accra
     Letter Not to the Editor

Research Notes
     A Brief Review of AIR/Washington Research Programs
     The Sheltered Workshop: An Opportunity Missed?

Professional Notes
     Supreme Court Decision - Griggs vs. Duke Power Co.
     Ad Hoc Committee to Explore Cooperation with ASPA
     Ad Hoc Committee on Public Policy and Social Issues
     A Survey of EEO Laws, Regulations and Guidelines

Editor's Note