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May 1989, Vol. 26 No. 3


The 37th Annual Industrial and Organizational Psychology Workshops

Job Hunting and Applicant Recruiting: Expectations in the lnterview Process and Suggestions for Improvement
by Kenneth M. York and C. J. Cranny

Making Career Decisions in I/O Psychology
by Robert  D. Pritchard, Darren E. Hart, and Rick R. Fuentes

American Psychological Society Sets Agenda
by Neal Schmitt and Ann Howard

Extension of Logic-Based Testing Research
by Magda Colberg, Mary Anne Nester, and Lois C. Northrop 

Task Force on I/O History and the APA Centennial
by Raymond A. Katzell

Ranking I/O Graduate Programs on the Basis of Student Research Presentations
by Michael A. Surette

Maybe We Should Shoot Ourselves in the Foot: Reply to Manhardt
by Kevin R. Murphy

New Polygraph Law: No Dangerous Weaponry Involved
by Stephen J. Guastello

Inside-Out vs. Outside-In: Strategic Uses of Personnel Research
by Walter W. Tornow

Image of American Companies-Much Better Than You Think!
by Rene Bergermaier and lngwer Borg


President's Message
by Ann Howard

SIOP Calendar

by James L. Farr



Positions Available
by Rick Jacobs