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May 1990, Vol. 27 No. 3


Industrial and Organizational Psychology Workshops

The Changing Roles of the Industrial/Organizational Psychologist:
by Manuel London and Joseph L. Moses

Institutional and Individual Research Productivity in I/O Psychology During the 1980's
by Edward L. Levine

Performance Appraisal in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
by Donald D. Davis, Janet Barnes-Farrell and EricVanetti

National Research Agenda the Focus of APS Conference
by Rich Klimoski

Eastern European Colleagues

Civil Rights Act of 1990 Proposed In Both House and Senate

Quotas By Any Other Name...
by Charles Fried

A False 'Quota' Call
by William T. Coleman, Jr

The Four-cell Classification Table in Personnel Selection: A Heuristic Device Gone Awry by Scott L. Martin and William Terris

Court Rules on Assessment Center Case
by Wayne Burroughs and David Cook, Jr

Intelligence and its Relation to Job Performance: A Lesson from Winnie the Pooh and A Reply to McDaniel
by Peter J. Snyder, William Stephen Silver and Thomas J. Margolis

Intelligence is not a Panacea in Personnel Selection
by Allen Huffcutt

I/O Well Represented in APS and Its Convention Program
by Ann Howard

Invitational Conference Planned on Applied Master's Training in Psychology
by Bill Siegfried and Rosemary Lowe

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Doing Research in an Organization
by Steven J. Robison

Structured Interviews Emerge: The New Technique of the 1990's?
by Allen I. Huffcutt

A Challenge to I/O Psychology
by Jack Feldman

A Kafkaesque Perspective of Goal Setting Theory
by Alan M. Saks

I/O Psychology in the Year 2000-Future Shlock
by Lawrence S. Klelman

Connecticut Applied Psychology Association (CAPA) Formed 

Clearinghouse for Technical Reports and Other Unpublished Professional Documents
by Theodore H. Rosen


A Message from Your President
by Neal Schmitt

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