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November 1964, Vol. 2, Issue 1

President's Note

Editorial Note

Official Divisional Business

  Selected Minutes of Annual Business Meeting

  Winners of the 1964 James McKeen Cattell Award

  Announcement of the 1965 James McKeen Cattell Award

  Change of Address procedures

Convention Notes

  Summaries of Division 14 Programs--1964, Los Angeles

  The 1965 Program--Chicago

Announcements of Interest

  Grants, Fellowships, and Awards

  Other Announcements

News from Academia

  Industrial Psychology at Wayne State University

  Industrial Psychology at the University of Maryland

  Preparing Psychologists for Personnel Management

Research Notes

Professional Notes

  Letter from Great Britain

  Long Distance Interviewing

  How to Get the Most out of Psychological Testing in Employee Selection Without Working at it Very Hard

  Are nonpsychological testers unpsychological?