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November 1965, Vol. 3, Issue 1

President's Message

Official Division Business
     Call for Nominations for Division 14 Officers
     Minutes of Annual Business Meeting
     Minutes of Outgoing Executive Committee Meeting
     Minutes of Incoming Executive Committee Meeting
     Summary of APA Council Meetings
     New Fellows, Members and Associates of Division 14
     Survey Results - An Appeal
     Committee on Practice of Psychology in Industry
     Help Wanted - Another Appeal
     Call for Nominations as a Division 14 Fellow

Announcements of Interest
     The Cattell Award
     Other Announcements

News from Academia
     The Industrial Psychologist at the Extension Campus

Letter from Great Britain

Convention Notes
     Quo Vadis?
     Identification and Initial Development of Management Talent

Research Notes
     The Research Program of the U.S. Army Personnel Research Office
     Values and Goals of the Engineer-Scientist as Related to Effectiveness in an R&D Laboratory
     Personal History Item Catalog
     ETS Research on Performance of Engineers in an Industrial Setting

Professional Notes
     Is Perfect Prediction a Desirable Goal
     Errata & Non-Errata
     California FEPC Establishes Technical Advisory Committee on Testing
     The Relationship of Fellowship and ABEPP Status

Editorial Note

Division 14 Committee Structures 1965-66