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November 1966, Vol. 4, Issue 1


President's Message

Official Division Business
     Call for Nominations
     Minutes of the Division 14 Business Meeting
     Minutes of Outgoing Executive Committee Meeting
     Minutes of Incoming Executive Committee Meeting
     New Fellows, Members and Associates of Division 14
     Call for Nominations as a Division 14 Fellow

Announcements of Interest
     The 1966 Cattell Award Winner
     New Awards
          The McKinsey Foundation for Management Research
          Cattell Postdoctoral Fellowships
     Other Announcements

News from Academia
     The Management Research Center of the University of Pittsburgh
     The Graduate Program at the Colorado State University
     The Care and Feeding of Graduate Students

Professional Notes
     Questionable Ethics or Poor Judgment?
     Commision on Composition of Council
     Report on Traineeship in Industrial Psychology
     The Psychologist in Industry
     Advisory Panel Appraises Suitability of USES Testing

Editorial Note

Division 14 Committee Structure, 1966-67

Nominating Ballot