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November 1986, Vol. 24 No. 1


Major Contributors and Major Contributions to the Industrial/Organizational Literature

Reasons for Leaving APA or SIOP
by Richard A . Guzzo

APA Reorganization Moves Ahead
by Milton D. Hakel

I/O Psychology in Romania
by Frank J. Landy

Society Survey: Licensing and Computer Use Issues
by MaryBeth DeGregorio and Neal Schmitt

Focus on the Future
by Joel Moses

Results of Society Survey
by Paul R. Sackett 

Research Involvement by Academic and Nonacademic Psychologists

I/O Psychology Research in Nonacademic Settings and Reasons for Nonpublication


Editor's Column
by James L. Farr

President's Message
by Sheldon Zedeck

SIOP Calendar

by James L. Farr

Seventh Annual I/O-OB Graduate Student Conference

Committee on Committees Report

Scientific Affairs Committee Report

Scientific Affairs Linkup Committee Report

Self-Nomination Form

Career Development in Organizations

Secretary-Treasurer's Report

Program Committee Report

Second Annual Society Conference Report

Fellowship Committee Report

Report from Council

Ad HocTesting Issues

External Affairs Committee

Professional Affairs Committee

Education and Training Committee Report

Continuing Education and Workshop Committee Report


Positions Available