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November 1988, Vol. 26 No. 1


1988 SIOP Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award Winner

1988 SIOP Professional Practice Award Winner

New SIOP Fellows

Morris Viteles Awarded Psychological Professional Gold Medal

Bray Honored by ABPP for Distinguished Service

SIOP '89 Boston Conference 

Call for Program Proposals
by Kevin J . Ford

What Next for APA?
by Milton D. Hakel

Introducing the American Psychological Society
by Milton D. Hakel

On the Lack of Systematic Relationships
by Don R. Dalton and Debra J. Mesch

A Proper Role for Drug Testing in the Work Place
by Stephan J. Guastello

Society Adopts Administrative Manual

OD-Let's Explore the Fullness of the Liturgy Before Revising It
by Martin G. Greller

Reagan Signs Ban of Polygraph Testing
by Wayne J. Camara

How the Committee Selection Process Works
by W. W. Tornow

A Little Knowledge II
by Lawrence S. Kleiman

The Research Consortium
by David W . Bracken and Thomas M . Stitzman

Some Things Non-I/O Psychologists Should Know About I/O Psychology
by Paul W. Thayer


President's Message
by Ann Howard

SIOP Calendar 

by James L . Farr


Society Members in APA Governance-1988

by Eugene F. Stone

Practice Series (ad hoc)
by Douglas W. Bray 

Changing Student Affiliate Status
by Philip B. DeVries, Jr.

Criteria for Membership

Committee on Committees
by Walter W. Tornow

Positions Available
by Rick Jacobs