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November 1989, Vol. 27 No. 1


SIOP '9O-Miami Beach
by Ron Johnson

Call for Program Proposals: 1990 APA Convention in Boston, Massachusetts
by Michael A. Campion

SIOP Awards
by Eugene F. Stone

Supreme Court's Wards Cove Packing Decision Redefines the Adverse Impact Theory Under Title VII
by Edward E. Potter

A Perspective on the Upheaval in China: Part 1, Organization and Motivation
by H. G. Kaufman

Psychology and the Military: Congressional Action
by William Echols

Internships and I/O Psychology: A National Survey
by Karl W. Kuhnert and Ronald G. Downey

The Forthcoming International Congress of Applied Psychology, Kyoto, Japan-July 22-27, 1990
by Edwin A. Fleishman

Chinese I/O Psycholist to Visit U.S
by Donald D. Davis

Surprise!-Leadership Does Exist and Can Be Measured
by Kenneth E. Clark

Ranking I/O Graduate Programs: A Reply to Surette
by Eugene K. Johnson

A Response to "New Polygraph Law: No Dangerous Weaponry Involved"
by David W. Arnold

A Comment on Making Career Decisions in I/O Psychology-Is There Variety in a Consulting Career?
by P. R. Jeanneret

Division 14 and SIOP: Time Marches On
by Philio Ash



A Message from Your President
by Neal Schmitt

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