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October 1991, Vol. 29 No. 2


Annual Conference '92, Montreal (Quebec), Canada, April 30-March 3, 1992 

Seventh Annual Industrial/Organizational Psychology Doctoral Consortium
by Jeanette N. Cleveland and Roseanne Foti

Call for Program Proposals: 1992 APA Convention in Washington D.C.
by Lynn R. Offerman  

IOP 1990-91 Financial Report
by Manny London

Showdown Near on Civil Rights Bill and GATB
by Lance W. Seberhagen 

Recent Legislative Initiatives and Reactions by the Psychological Community
by David W. Arnold

The I/O Family Tree
by Frank J. Lundy

The Evolution of Doctoral Training in I/O Psychology at Teachers College, Columbia U.
by Albert S. Thompson

The Division of Applied Psychology at Carnegie Institute of Technology
by Erich P. Prien 

Growth Trends in I/O Psychology
by P. Richard Jeanneret

On Prescription Derived from Oversimplifications
by Craig J. Russell 

I/O Psychology Master's-Level Training: Reality and Legitimacy in Search of Recognition
by Laura L. Koppes

Comprehensive Job Analysis: Multipurpose or Any Purpose?
by Terry W. Mitchell

The SIOP/APS Connection
by Lee Herring 

Professional Liability Insurance and The I/O Practitioner
by John R. Murray, III 

SIOP, APS and APAGS: Student Membership
by Wayne Camara

An Invitation for You to Rule!
by Allen I. Kraut

SlOP PROGRAM at APA Convention a Big Success
by Katherine J. Klein

Two Pounds of Cure are Worth More Than an Ounce of Prevention: A Reply to Hughes and Vinchur (1991)
by Jose M. Cortina


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