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Spring and Summer 1968, Vol. 5, Number 2 & 3

President's Message

Official Divisional Business
     Minutes of Winter Executive Committee Meeting
     Minutes of Summer Executive Committee Meeting

Announcements of Interest
     Sixteenth Annual Workshop in Industrial Psychology
     ABEPP Examination
     Allport Memorial Fund
     New Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Prize
     SPSSI Membership Invitation
     Recommendation for Increased Assessment
     Other Announcements

Convention Program for the 1968 APA Meeting

News from Academia
     The Cambridge Center for Social Studies
     Monell Chemical Senses Research Center

Research Notes
     Interpersonal Perception in Employment Interview
     Invasion of Privacy as Seen by Industrial Psychologists
     ETS Research Bulletins Available

Professsional Notes
     Salary Survey Returns Low
     Fair Tests and Fair Employment
     Battle for Criteria

Editor's Note

Division 14 Committee Structure