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A Message From Your President

Mike Burke 

In my opening presidential message in the July issue of TIP, I remarked that truly the members make the society. As I reflect upon my year as your president, I realize that our society is more than just our members. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge not only the contributions of our members, but also the professional contributions of eight special nonmembers who make the society run. The latter individuals make up our Administrative Office team in Bowling Green, Ohio. I am both thankful and amazed at the level of energy, professionalism, and commitment demonstrated by our administrative staff and SIOP members this past year. 

Lee Hakel, Director of the Administrative Office (affectionately referred to as our AO). Sometimes I think of SIOP as Lee! Lee runs our AO and, believe it or not, she answers just about every phone call to the AO. According to Lee, SIOP members are unfailingly polite, caring, responsible, and creative. As SIOP presidential terms go, I am perhaps in the most enviable position of having spent my 3-year term during Lees last 3 years as our director. I am very grateful for the assistance and guidance that Lee provided during my time at the helm.

Esther Benitez, Manager of Membership, CE, and Sales. Esther is the shortstop, fielding whatever gets by Lee in serving as Lees backup. For me, it was great just knowing that someone of Esthers caliber would always be there to assist. Esthers primary responsibilities center on keeping the member database up-to-date, processing new member applications, and working with workshop chairs on continuing education credit activities. Thank you, Esther. 

Larry Nader, Information Technology Manager. From the SIOP e-mails you have received, you know Larry as the Webmaster. Larry has been a tremendous help this year in moving our officer nomination processes and voting processes to the Web. Larry is in charge of our computer network and works on the design and implementation of many of our online services. Thank you, Larry. 

Linda Lentz, Finance Manager. Linda is our cash manager and also handles financial matters related to the SIOP Foundation. This past year, we considered many issues related to restructuring our financial operations and Linda was always available to provide Dianna Stone and me with excellent advice and assistance. Linda, I am grateful for the work you have done for us this year. 

Julie Allison, Publications Manager. Julie is the AOs publications hub, responsible for the design and typesetting of SIOP materials such as TIP, conference programs, brochures, and so forth. I am particularly fond of the skyline motif for the SIOP 2004 Chicago materials. Thank you, Julie. 

Lori Peake, Web Site Administrator. Lori is definitely our multi-tasker, being involved in posting and updating materials online, working on graduate program information, also helping to typeset and proofread SIOP materials, helping members locate information, and the list goes on! Thank you, Lori!

Clif Boutelle, the PR Person. Clif works on contract for SIOP to get the media to run stories on SIOP members research and work, and to promote the society itself. In addition to writing press releases, Clif works closely with our Visibility Committee. Thank you, Clif. 

Brian Crnobrnja, our student in residence. Brian is a Bowling Green computer science major, working part time to help us with projects in several areas of Web programming. He is also working with Kenexa on our Web surveying and with Linda on financial reports. Brian, your help is greatly appreciated. 

Along with our AO staff, I would like to thank Milt Hakel, our nonpaid professional helper in the AO. While you know Milt as an I-O psychologist and past president of SIOP, I also know Milt as someone who gives so much to and cares so much about this Society. Milt assists our AO staff in many ways, especially with respect to database programming. My most memorable moments of working with Milt were a few special days in September of 1998. At the time, he and I were hurriedly working via e-mail and the Web on testing and updating trial versions of one of Milts programs, Program Builder (the program that evolved into SIOPs conference program management and scheduling system). For Milt the programming was a challenge. For me, Georges, a fast approaching hurricane, was adding significantly to the challenge! 

In addition, I would like to recognize our PPsych helper, Jen Domanski. Jen works for Personnel Psychology, which is housed in the same office complex that our administrative staff works in. Jen meets every week with the SIOP staff, and often fields calls for SIOP when everyone else is busy. Thank you, Jen. 

I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of the society officers, committee chairs, committee members, and other volunteers who made this a very special year. Collectively, we accomplished or made significant progress toward almost all goals that we established for the year! Thanks to our Executive Committee for their leadership: Janet Barnes-Farrell, Georgia Chao, Jose Cortina, Angelo DeNisi, Bob Dipboye, Fritz Drasgow, Bill Macey, Jim Farr, Kevin Murphy, Ann Marie Ryan, Dianna Stone, Lois Tetrick, and Nancy Tippins. Thanks to our committee chairs and committee members that dealt with communication issues: Mike Brannick (Electronic Communications), Heather Fox (APA/APS Relations), Debra Major (TIP), Karen Paul (Communications Task Force), Lise Saari (Visibility), Scott Highhouse (APA Program), Howard Weiss (APS Program), and Jeff Stanton (Web Redesign). Thank you to our committee members and committee chairs that focused on membership issues: Derek Avery (Historian), Scott Button and Mikki Hebl (LGBT), Karen Barbera and Irene Sasaki (Placement), Irv Goldstein and Paul Thayer (Foundation), Leaetta Hough (Fellowship), Michele Jayne (Membership), Kecia Thomas (CEMA), and Dan Turban (Awards). Thank you to those who worked on professional development issues: Wendy Becker (Doctoral Consortium), Allan Church and Janine Waclawski (Professional Practice Series), Lisa Finkelstein (Tutorials), Rodney Lowman (Ethics Casebook), Jeffrey McHenry and Donald Truxillo (SIOP Conference), Luis Parra (Continuing Education & Workshops), Rob Ployhart (SIOP Program), Elaine Pulakos (Solutions Series), and Dawn Riddle (Education & Training). Thanks to the individuals who worked on science and practice issues: John Hollenbeck (Scientific Affairs), Dick Jeanneret (Principles), Robert Pritchard (Organizational Frontiers Series), Mark Schmit (Professional Practice), and Peter Scontrino (State Affairs). Finally, thank you to John Cornwell (Administrative Office Transition), Dianne Maranto (APA), and the many APA staffers who assisted me this year. And again, to the committee members who worked with the above chairs, a BIG THANK YOU! 

In closing, I appreciate having had the opportunity and the honor to serve as your president.


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