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From the Editor: A Fond Farewell

Debra A. Major
Old Dominion University

Have I really been doing this for 3 years? Indeed I have. I guess whether thats a short or a long length of time depends on how you mark it. When I began editing TIP, my son, Brian, was barely 2 years old; hes now preparing to start kindergarten in the fall. From that perspective, it has definitely been a long time! However, when I think about how much Ive learned and how much Ive enjoyed working on TIP, it certainly seems that the time has flown.

It has been a great experience, in large part because Ive had the opportunity to work with an outstanding group of people. Given that this is my last column, I want to make sure they know how much theyre appreciated. I have to start with the folks at the Administrative Office (AO). In my estimation, Lee Hakel is the soul of SIOP. Her institutional memory is remarkable. For me, she has been an unfalteringly reliable source of SIOP and TIP history. Her support and counsel have been invaluable.

Julie Allison and Lori Peake literally put TIP together; they make the book happen. Julie and Lori format each article, design the layout, and work with the printer for each issue. They also make TIP available on the Web. Reading the final proof of TIP is always a team effort at the AO, involving Lee, Julie, Lori, and Esther Benitez. Gail Nader designed the TIP cover weve enjoyed for the last 3 years. The AO staff have made it possible for me to focus on the fun part of editing TIP, secure in the knowledge that all the important details are being handled.

During the past 3 years, Ive been fortunate in working with some terrific columnists. Some retired along the way, including Matt Barney (Macro, Meso, Micro), Lori Foster Thompson and Dawn Riddle (Early Careers), Mark Griffin and Boris Kabanoff (Global Vision), and Marcus Butts, Eyal Grauer and Nancy Yanchus (TIP-TOPics). Others final columns appear in this issue, Bernardo Ferdman and Martin Davidson (A Matter of Difference) and Peter Bachiochi (On the Horizon). A great many will continue their work as Laura Koppes assumes the editorship: Andi Brinley, Jaime Durley, and Corey Muoz (TIP-TOPics), Michelle Donovan (Local Spotlight), Art Gutman (On the Legal Front), Michael Harris (Practice Network), Neil Hauenstein (Education & Training in I-O Psychology), Bill Macey (The I-O Ethicist), Lynn McFarland (The Career Column), Paul Muchinsky (The High Society), David Pollack (Conferences & Meetings), and Jay Weiss (Leading Edge). No doubt we all have our favorites. (As Ive told Paul many times, my 90 year-old grandmother is a devoted fan of The High Society.)

Issue after issue, these dedicated columnists inform, enlighten, and amuse us. Its important to understand that these columns dont get written during free time. Instead, theyre written at the sacrifice of other important things. To all of the columnists, you have been a dream to work with; thank you for sacrificing the time. SIOP surveys consistently show that TIP is one of the benefits of membership that people value most. Im confident that high quality regular columns are, in large part, responsible.

TIP relies on the support of the SIOP Executive Committee. During my tenure, Ive had the pleasure of working with three outstanding SIOP presidents: Bill Macey (since recruited to be a regular columnist!), Ann Marie Ryan, and Mike Burke. Thank you for valuing TIP and for your assistance with the sensitive issues that arose from time to time.

I also need to thank my wonderful department chair, Barbara Winstead, for valuing my work on TIP and providing me with resources to do my day job while editing TIP. (Barbara really is an incredible chair, and Id be willing to say that 100 more times if shed stay in the position forever!) My graduate assistants, Rebekah Cardenas and Lisa Germano, have been tremendous assets, assisting with initial editing, coauthoring IOTAS, and helping me proof the final copy. I hope you know that I appreciate you both for your work on TIP and for the myriad of other ways you help carry the load.

Finally, Id like to thank my son, Brian Garber, for his patience during TIP deadline weeks and for growing into a delightful, inquisitive, remarkable prekindergartener, even though he has a busy working mommy.

Whats in This Issue of TIP for Me?

By now, you know whats in this issuesomething for everyone, of course. Thank you for your attention, feedback, and support these past 3 years. See you in Chicago!

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