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Psychologists Without Borders: Trends and Implications of Cross-Divisional Practice

John C. Scott
Applied Psychological Techniques, Inc.

An interdivisional, cross-cutting symposium cosponsored by Division 14 and four other divisions was selected for inclusion on the 2004 APA convention program following a highly competitive review process. This symposium, entitled Psychologists Without Borders: Trends and Implications of Cross-Divisional Practice, will present diverse perspectives regarding the current state of cross-divisional practice, the need for proficiency standards, the quality of existing training and ethical practice issues.

This symposium is particularly timely since the boundaries that have existed between SIOP and other disciplines have become increasingly blurred within recent years. While this can be reciprocally beneficial to all involved, it can also raise concerns about lost opportunities, differential proficiency standards, ethical practice challenges and incongruous training requirements. These concerns are inevitable and need to be addressed if the overlapping disciplines are to operate collaboratively and even benefit from one anothers expertise.

A collaborative model will be proposed for addressing these challenges that leverages the expertise from overlapping disciplines.

Sponsoring Divisions: The following divisions are cosponsoring this symposium: 

  • 13 (Society of Consulting Psychology)
  • 14 (Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology)
  • 31 (State Psychological Association Affairs)
  • 39 (Psychoanalysis)
  • 42 (Psychologists in Independent Practice)


Warren R. Loos is a clinical psychologist specializing in behavioral medicine and trauma, and is the founder and president of HeartThrive.com, a Behavioral Cardiology Telehealth practice.

Douglas Riddle is chief assessor and feedback manager for the Center for Creative Leadership where he manages over 80 executive coaches. 

Sandra Shullman is managing director of the Columbus office of the Executive Development Group and is a member of APAs Board of Directors. 

John Thorn is a counseling psychologist with a training background in organizational behavior and is past chair of Wyomings licensing board. 

Nancy Tippins is president of the Selection Practice Group of Personnel Research Associates (PRA) and is past president of SIOP. 

Christine Truhe is founder and president of Truhe Consulting and director of the Career Psychology Group at Rutgers University. 


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