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Join the SIOP Foundation Legacy Group

Paul W. Thayer
President, SIOP Foundation

The SIOP Foundation announces the creation of the Legacy Group, honoring those who have made deferred gifts by designating the Foundation a beneficiary in their wills, or of other properties. Legacy Group donors will be recognized each year in the Foundation Annual Report. 

Since its inception in 1996, the SIOP Foundation has grown steadily and now has endowed funds in excess of $700,000. Earnings from Foundation funds support many activities that advance the science and practice of I-O psychology. These activities range from supporting efforts to interest students of diverse backgrounds in I-O psychology to grants to support research and practice. Last year, the Foundation gave $24,000 in grants through SIOP, including the first three $2,000 scholarships to help worthy doctoral students complete their dissertations.

Your contributions have brought us this far, but there are many more activities that support the science and practice of I-O psychology that the Foundation would like to underwrite. To continue this work and expand it, we depend on your donations. One way to support the foundation is through a deferred gift by including the Foundation in your will or by making the Foundation the beneficiary of life insurance, an IRA, or an annuity. You may designate a specific amount or specify a percentage of the estate. A life insurance policy or annuity can be given merely by changing the beneficiary to the SIOP Foundation.

In addition to ensuring the future of I-O psychology, deferred gifts may have certain tax advantages for you. By donating the assets of some retirement plans, such as IRAs and 401(k) plans, or naming the Foundation as your beneficiary, you may be able to avoid taxes on them. 

If you would like to make a deferred charitable gift, the SIOP Foundation, through the Toledo Community Foundation, can offer advice. Or, you may want to consult your own financial advisor as you review your will, estate plans, and charitable giving.

If you make the Foundation the recipient of a deferred gift, please send us a copy of that portion of your will or beneficiary designation so that we may include you in the Legacy Group listing in our annual report. All gifts are endowed unless otherwise instructed, and, thus, make a perpetual contribution to the advancement of our field.

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