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The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Vol. 42/No. 4  April 2005

Featured Articles 

A Message From Your President
Fritz Drasgow

Just Say Yes to Every Request for Awhile and Lets See Where This Goes A Tribute to Lee Hakel
Mike Campion

Some Selective Memories of the First SIOP Conference and Subsequent Changes in the First Ten Years
Bill Macey

An Opinion: The Family-Friendly WorkplaceJust an Illusion
Gary N. Powell

Editorial Departments

From the Editor: Spring is in the Air!
Laura L. Koppes

TIP-TOPics for Students
Jaime Durley, Corey Muoz, and Andi Kimbrough 

Spotlight on Local I-O Organizations: Personnel Testing Council of Southern California (PTC-SC): Sharing Our Perspectives on Personnel Testing
Chris Daclan

Global Forum: The Global Workforce and Implications for I-O Psychology Practice 
Michael M. Harris

On the Legal Front: Sexual Harassment: Here, There, and Everywhere Part I: English-Speaking Countries
Art Gutman

Changing Places in a Small World: Living in Singapore: He Said/She Said
James and Alison Eyring

What I Learned Along the Way
Frank J. Landy

The Career Column: Funding Opportunities for I-O Psychologists 
Lynn A. McFarland

The High Society: Please Press One
Paul M. Muchinsky

Practice Network: General Thoughts on Needs Analysis and Evaluation
Scott L. Martin

Leading Edge: Data Warehousing With Microsoft Access 
Robert J. Townsend

Education & Training in I-O Psychology: The Chicago School I-O Program: Application of the Vail Model to Graduate I-O Education
Jennifer Thompson, Andrew Garman, Michael Horowitz, and Michael Barr 

News and Reports

Wendy Beckers Son Survives Montana Plane Crash
Laura L. Koppes

SIOP Staff 2005
Esther Benitez

Join the SIOP Foundation Legacy Group
Paul W. Thayer

Request for Proposals: Surveys for SIOP 

Visibility Committee Update
Wendy S. Becker

Call for Nominations and Entries: 2006 Awards for the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Joyce E. Bono

Secretarys Report
Georgia Chao

Obituaries: Douglas N. Jackson (19292004) and Kathryn Berkovsky Hodge (19572004)

SIOP Members in the News
Clif Boutelle

Announcing New SIOP Members
Talya N. Bauer


Adrienne M. Bauer and Laura L. Koppes




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