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From the Editor: Dobr den (Good day) From the Czech Republic!

Laura L. Koppes
University of Hradec Krlov
University of Pardubice
Eastern Kentucky University

It is a great pleasure to commence my role as TIP editor while living and working in the Czech Republic as a U.S. Fulbright Scholar. I experienced both exhilaration and apprehension when I prepared and departed for my overseas journey because I knew I was heading for a wonderful adventure. This experience has and continues to far exceed my expectations. As I write this column in my flat, I am having similar thoughts and feelings as I embark upon my maiden voyage as the new TIP editor. I know this too will be a great adventure, and I am grateful to serve SIOP in this capacity. 

I thank the SIOP Executive Committee for having the confidence in me to provide the leadership for SIOPs excellent publication. Much of this excellence is attributable to the outgoing TIP editor, Debra Major. I think we all can agree that Debra is a superb and professional editor, and I appreciate her assistance in the transition of the editorship. Debra has set high standards, and I will strive to do my best to continue the quality you expect. I look forward to collaborating with the SIOP Administrative Office because I know the excellent staff works diligently to meet your expectations. 

A few minor changes were made for this issue; however, I expect additional revisions will occur as I learn the ropes. I would also like to hear from you about ideas and suggestions for content and columns. Please send me your thoughts to Laura.Koppes@eku.edu.

Some editorial board members retired with Debras last issue, and others plan to retire. I appreciate their efforts and I look forward to working with the individuals who will continue. I invited Adrienne Bauer to join the editorial board; she will assist me with writing the IOTAS section and reviewing and editing submissions. The Committee on Ethnic and Minority Affairs, with the guidance of Miguel Quiones, will provide leadership for the column Increasing Diversity at SIOP: The Future is Now, which replaces the column A Matter of Difference.

Other changes in this issue are linked to my goals for TIP. I would like to use TIP as an avenue to cultivate an international community in the society and to broaden our perspective of the world. Steven Rogelbergs and Paula Gills article in this issue indicates that the number of International Affiliates in SIOP has increased by 138.1% and the number of Student International Affiliates has increased by 4533.3%, from 1991 to 2003. Fritz Drasgow states that 279 individuals from 39 different countries attended the 2004 SIOP conference. 

Living in Europe while countries prepared to join the European Union (EU) on May 1 revealed to me that the EU expansion will significantly affect business, politics, and the global economy. For example, a Global Workforce Summit was held June 23 in Brussels to discuss workforce strategies and mobility of employees across borders to achieve business success, with a focus on Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. I am convinced that each of us must take the responsibility of knowing our world. One of my Czech students wrote:

I will remember many interesting things about HRM [human resource management] but also a lot of things about culture differences and your comment about Czech and American people. It was like we all visit U.S.; it was very interesting for me. It is necessary for me to learn different languages and cultures.

Working in Europe has significantly affected my views of politics, economics, organizations, higher education, psychology, and cultural and societal differences. Learning while living in another country is substantial. For example, it is beyond the scope of this column to share the knowledge Ive gained about the transformation of the Czech Republic since the Velvet Revolution in 1989 (fall of Communism) and the anticipated changes as a member of the EU. I know many SIOP members and International Affiliates who have lived and worked in countries different from their home countries. One way to broaden our world views is to share these experiences. 

In the next issue, you will see a new column under the leadership of Natalie Allen. The purpose of this column is to describe and explain living and working abroad. We invite and encourage International Affiliates who have worked in other countries as well as Americans to submit articles. The article may include the reasons for living in the host country, your activities, knowledge gained, and other insights or observations. If you would like to submit an article, please send it to Natalie at nallen@uwo.ca or Department of Psychology, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5C2 (519.661.3013).

I would like to continue the column Global Vision; I am searching for an individual to provide leadership for this column. Please contact me if you are interested or know someone who would be effective in providing global issues with regard to industrial-organizational psychology.

I have asked the current editorial board members to incorporate international perspectives in their articles. In this issue, Lynn McFarland in The Career Column interviewed several International Affiliates. In Frank Landys column What I Learned Along the Way, Gary Latham describes his Canadian experiences. Art Gutman for On the Legal Front is planning to include discussions on international law; he welcomes members who would like to collaborate with him.

In addition to these columns, I invite submissions from all members to be considered for the Featured Articles section, and I especially encourage submissions from International Affiliates. Submissions should speak to the practice, science, or teaching of industrial and organizational psychology. Items for consideration should be appropriate for a newsletter and have broad appeal to the SIOP membership. 

You may notice the new cover, which is an attempt to reflect a world perspective!

I did not include in my editorial column Whats in This Issue of TIP for Me? I had difficulty with differentiating between the categories because I think the information in this issue is important for everyone. I would be delighted to provide this differentiation if you find it useful; please let me know! Again, given that TIP is for you, I would appreciate knowing your interests. 

And the great adventure begins

Photo 1: University of Hradec Krlov, Faculty of Informatics and Management, Office and Classroom Building, Hradec Krlov, Czech Republic

Photo 2: University of Pardubice Public Administration Students in Human Resource Management Course, Pardubice, Czech Republic


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