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2004 SIOP Award Winners

Daniel Turban, Chair
SIOP Awards Committee

On behalf of the SIOP Awards and Executive Committees, I am delighted to present the 2004 SIOP Award Winners. The following individuals were recognized for their outstanding contributions to industrial-organizational psychology at the 2004 Annual Conference held in Chicago. Congratulations to all the following award winners!

Kevin Murphy
Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award

Kevin Murphy (Pennsylvania State University) is recognized for his contributions to theory and research in the areas of performance appraisal and assessment. His books and papers in this area have attempted to link psychometric, cognitive, and motivational approaches to performance appraisals, focusing on understanding the raters perspective and the pressures that exist to distort and inflate appraisals. He has also contributed to our understanding of honesty in the workplace and of organizations attempts to discourage dishonesty and destructive behaviors. Finally, he has contributed to the development and analysis of research methods in areas ranging from statistical power analysis to validity generalization.

Frank Landy
Distinguished Professional Contributions Award

Frank Landy (SHL) received his PhD in 1969 from Bowling Green State University and has never recovered from his time with his mentor and friend Bob Guion. He began and ended his academic career at Penn State, where he was blessed with spectacular colleagues and students. While at Penn State, he joined with his best friends Rick Jacobs and Jim Farr in developing a consulting firm which eventually was acquired by Saville Holdsworth Limited. As a naturally born pain-in-the-butt, Frank settled into a role as expert witness in employment and human factors litigation, a role he continues to fill with enormous enthusiam. He and his friend and coauthor Jeff Conte have recently published an I-O text with McGraw-Hill which should make the lives of current and prospective I-O grad students miserable. 

Wayne Camara
Distinguished Service Contributions Award

During his tenure in APAs Science Directorate, Wayne Camara (The College Board) directed policy and legislative positions on critical issues to I-O psychology (e.g., ADA, Civil Rights Act, polygraph, skills standards). He also served as initial project director for the Test Standards, and a member of SIOPs Principles revision committee. Elected to two terms on Council, member-at-large, and appointed chair of the Membership, Awards, and External Affairs Committees, he served 13 consecutive years on the Executive Committee and created the first SIOP Membership Directory. 

Nancy Tippins
Distinguished Service Contributions Award

Nancy Tippins (Personnel Research Associates) is recognized for her various contributions to SIOP where she has served as chair of the Committee on Committees, secretary, member-at-large, and president. She is currently SIOPs representative to the APAs Council of Representatives. She has also served on APAs Board of Professional Affairs and represented the APA on the ADA Working Committee of the Joint Committee on Testing Practices.

Paul Muchinsky
Distinguished Teaching Contributions Award

Paul Muchinsky (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) is the inaugural recipient of the SIOP Distinguished Teaching Contributions Award. In 1993 he was selected as the Joseph M. Bryan Distinguished Professor of Business at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He is a Fellow of four divisions of APA, including SIOP (Division 14) and the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (Division 2). He served as the major professor for 25 PhD students and approximately 200 masters students. He has twice received an outstanding teacher award from his university. Dr. Muchinsky is the author of the textbook Psychology Applied to Work, currently in its 7th edition. The book has been translated into Spanish, Chinese, and Korean editions, and has been adapted into a South African version.

Jeffery A. LePine
Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award

Jeffery A. LePine (University of Florida) is recognized for his early career contributions to the science and practice of industrial and organizational psychology. Jeff has made significant contributions in the areas of team composition, individual and team adaptation, and multidimensional models of performance. Jeffs research has been published in many of our top journals and has been cited over 200 times. His body of work includes reports of qualitative and quantitative field studies, laboratory and quasi-experiments, narrative and meta-analytic reviews, and theory development. 

Elaine Pulakos, Sharon Arad, Wally Borman, David Dorsey, 
Rose Mueller-Hanson, Neal Schmitt, and Susan White
M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace




Elaine Pulakos (Personnel Decisions Research Institutes), Sharon Arad (IBM Corporation), Wally Borman (Personnel Decisions Research Institutes), David Dorsey (Personnel Decisions Research Institutes), Rose Mueller-Hanson (Personnel Decisions Research Institutes), Neal Schmitt (Michigan State University), and Susan White (Personnel Decisions Research Institutes) are recognized for their project Adaptability that represents an outstanding example of the practice of industrial and organizational psychology in the workplace.

Benjamin Schneider, Amy Nicole Salvaggio, and 
Montse Subirats
William A. Owens Scholarly Achievement Award

Benjamin Schneider (University of Maryland), Amy Nicole Salvaggio (University of Maryland), and Montse Subirats (University of Valencia) are recognized for the best article published in industrial organizational psychology in 2002: Schneider, B., Salvaggio, A. N., & Subirats, M. (2002). Climate strength: A new direction for climate research. Journal of Applied Psychology, 87, 220229.

Joshua Sacco
S. Rains Wallace Dissertation Research Award

Joshua Sacco (Aon Consulting) is recognized for his dissertation, A Longitudinal Study of the Relationship Between Racial Diversity and Profitability in Quick Service Restaurants. Dr. Sacco received his PhD from Michigan State University where Neal Schmitt served as chair of his dissertation committee. 

John Hausknecht
S. Rains Wallace Dissertation Research Award

John Hausknecht (DePaul University) is recognized for his dissertation, Applicant Reactions to Selection Procedures: Narrative Review and Meta-Analysis. Dr. Hausknecht earned his PhD in I-O psychology from Pennsylvania State University where David Day served as chair of his dissertation committee.

Christopher Berry
John C. Flanagan Award for Outstanding Student Contribution to the SIOP Conference

Christopher Berry (University of Minnesota), student first author, Melissa Gruys (Washington State UniversityVancouver), and Paul Sackett (University of Minnesota), are recognized for their paper Educational Attainment as a Proxy for Cognitive Ability in Selection.

Ute-Christine Klehe 
John C. Flanagan Award for Outstanding Student Contribution to the SIOP Conference

Ute-Christine Klehe (University of Zurich), student first author, and Neil Anderson (University of Amsterdam) are recognized for their paper, Working Hard and Smart During Typical and Maximum Performance.

Renee DeRouin
Robert J. Wherry Award for the Best Paper 
at the IOOB Conference

Renee DeRouin (University of Central Florida) is recognized for her paper Optimizing e-Learning.

Lori Anderson, Lisa Roberts, and Craig Wallace
Graduate Student Scholarship Award Recipients

The initial recipients of the Graduate Student Scholarship Awards, which were awarded following the annual conference, are Lori Anderson (Colorado State University), Lisa Roberts (University of MissouriSt. Louis), and Craig Wallace (Georgia Institute of Technology).

2004 SIOP Awards Committee Members

Neil R. Anderson   Cynthia Fisher Susan Mohammed
Susan Ashford   Michael Frese Morrell (Morrie) Mullins
Rich Arvey   Robert Gatewood Deniz S. Ones
Peter Bachiochi   Michelle Gelfand Jim Outtz 
Cristina Banks   Stan Gully Rob Ployhart
Talya Bauer  Rick Guzzo Bob Pritchard
Jim Breaugh   Neil Hauenstein Elaine Pulakos
Bob Bretz   Rosemary Hays-Thomas Miguel A. Quinones
Robert (Bob) Brill   Eric Heggestad Dawn Riddle
Kenneth Brown   Scott Highhouse Jim Scharf
David Chan   Ruth Kanfer Deidre Schleicher
Gilad Chen   Jerry Kehoe Mark Schmit
Allan Church   Katherine J. Klein Cynthia Stevens
Jeanette Cleveland   Dierdre Knapp Susan Taylor 
Jason Colquitt   Ellen Kossek Paul Tesluk
Jos Cortina   Frank Landy Robert P. Tett
Russell Cropanzano   James LeBreton Nancy Tippins 
Angelo DeNisi   Jeffery A. LePine Carl Thoreson
Dov Eden   Filip Lievens George Thornton
Karen Ehrhart   Joe Martocchio Robert J. Vandenberg
Mark Ehrhart   Cynthia D. McCauley Linn Van Dyne
Jill Ellingson   Dana McDonald-Mann Vish C. Viswesvaran 
Jim Farr  Lynn McFarland  Steve Wunder

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