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Announcement of New SIOP Fellows

Leaetta Hough
Dunnette Group, Ltd.

Eight SIOP members were honored at the Chicago conference with the distinction of Fellow. They are the following:

Janis Cannon-Bowers

SIOP honors Dr. Cannon-Bowers for her collaborative and innovative contributions in the areas of team training and performance and decision making under stress, especially shared, team-level mental models. The impact of her contributions can be life changing, particularly for those in military combat who benefit dramatically from mistakes not made as a result of their superior training. She has been a key player in transforming team training and research into one of our fields most significant real-world contributions. 

Jack Edwards

SIOP honors Dr. Edwards for his truly significant impact on public policy through innovative and methodologically rigorous survey programs and evaluation of very visible, high-stakes, large-scale government and military human resource programs. The public has benefited in very meaningful ways, and our field has benefited from his publishing of important methodological advancements. He is the consummate scientistpractitioner.

Paul Hanges 

SIOP honors Dr. Hanges for his highly innovative research and thinking on multiple and complex content areas and methodological issues, including catastrophe analysis, scaling, stereotype bias in ratings, test banding, corrections for range restriction, and especially his contributions to our understanding of cross-cultural leadership and multilevel issues in data analysis and research. He has been key to the success of the awesome, exemplary GLOBE project.

Scott Highhouse

SIOP honors Dr. Highhouse for his programmatic research in decision making and its cumulative impact in several areas, including firm reputation, applicant recruitment practices, and job choice, as well as his emerging work with nontraditional applicant populations. He has questioned prevailing wisdom to develop truly important insights. 

David Hofmann

SIOP honors Dr. Hofmann for his multidisciplinary approach to our field. He introduced us to hierarchical linear modeling, revolutionizing our thinking about multilevel and longitudinal issues. He challenged our thinking about dynamic criteria, using growth curve modeling to show important interindividual differences that affect intraindividual change. His focus on safety in the context of leadership and climate has contributed to a paradigm shift in how we conceptualize workplace safety. 

Fred Mael

SIOP honors Dr. Mael for his programmatic and influential work in organizational identification processes and biodata. Especially impressive is the diversity and creativity of his contributions, ranging from selection, training, employee loyalty, performance management, organizational surveys, coaching and process facilitation, and minority aquatics to spirituality in the workplacecontributions that are both theoretical and empirical.

Pamela Perrew

SIOP honors Dr. Perrew for her programmatic and pioneering work in the area of occupational health psychology (OHP), blending industrial, organizational, clinical, and health psychology with public health, helping transform OHP into a highly respected specialty area. Her integration of stress, power, and personality is novel. She has developed powerful niche innovations in the intersection of occupational stress and organizational politics, giving us unique and rich insights. 

Howard Weiss 

SIOP honors Dr. Weiss for his long and highly distinguished record of scholarly and creative research, thinking, and writing that has set new courses in several areassocial learning in organizations, personality and organizational behavior, and affect and emotions at work. He was a seminal force legitimizing research on the impact of personality in the workplace. He has stimulated entire bodies of research and caused many of us to rethink some strongly held views. 

SIOP thanks the Fellowship Committee membersNeil Anderson, Wayne Camara, Catherine Higgs, Joyce Hogan, Rick Jacobs, Joel Moses, Cheri Ostroff, Ken Pearlman, Chockalingam (Vish) Viswesvaran, and Francis Yammarinofor their thoughtful contributions.

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