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There Are Lots of Ways to Support the SIOP Foundation

Paul W. Thayer
President, SIOP Foundation

When people consider tax-deductible gifts to the SIOP Foundation, they frequently think in terms of money: cash, check, or credit card. But, there are many ways to givestocks, real estate, jewelry, art, life insurance, bequests, or trusts. 

Recently, several people have given appreciated stocks. In addition to benefiting the Foundation, the donor gets full credit from the IRS, including a tax deduction for the appreciated amount and avoidance of capital gains tax on the stock. Now that the market is improving, you might consider such a gift.

It is also possible to give real estate, jewelry, art, or other gifts in kind. Using the resources of the Toledo Community Foundation, the SIOP Foundation identifies the appropriate place to sell such holdings and converts them to cash for investment. Again, the donor gets full credit for tax purposes and avoids capital gains taxes.

Another way to give is through a life insurance policy, in which the Foundation is the beneficiary or ownership of the policy is transferred to the Foundation. Bequests in ones will or charitable remainder trusts are other possibilities. There are different kinds of such trusts. The basic idea is a transfer of funds to an account managed by the Foundation that pays the donor an income for life. At the donors death, the remaining principal goes to the Foundation.

All of the above are ways to make a gift. There are also ways to recognize someone through a gift to the Foundation. Some organizations have honored associates who won SIOP awards by making gifts to the Foundation in their honor. (All these are listed in the back of the Foundations Annual Report.) Indeed, some of the award winners have given their award checks to the Foundation. 

Some donors have been able to make large gifts to the Foundation that recognize the contributions of individuals and fund various award and grant programs:

William A. Owens Scholarly Achievement Award

John C. Flanagan Award for the Outstanding Student Contribution to the SIOP Conference

M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace

Sidney A. Fine Grant for Research on Job Analysis

Douglas W. Bray and Ann Howard Grant for Research on Assessment Centers and Leadership Development

There are many ways to give and many purposes for those gifts. We hope you will consider any and all. The Foundation is happy to answer any questions you have. Please contact Paul Thayer at pthayer@mindspring.com or 919-467-2880.

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