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Calls and Announcements

Call for Papers
The Kenneth E. Clark Student Research Award

The Center for Creative Leadership is sponsoring The Kenneth E. Clark Student Research Award, our annual competition to recognize outstanding unpublished papers by undergraduate and graduate students. The winner will receive a prize of $1,500 and a trip to the Center to present the paper in a colloquium. 

Submissions may be either empirically or conceptually based, and the contents should focus on some aspect of leadership or leadership development.

Submissions will be judged by (a) the degree to which the paper addresses issues and trends that are significant to the study of leadership; (b) the extent to which the paper shows consideration of the relevant theoretical and empirical literature; (c) the extent to which the paper makes a conceptual or empirical contribution; and (d) the implications of the research for application to leadership identification and development. Researchers associated with the Center will anonymously review papers.

Papers must be authored and submitted only by graduate or undergraduate students. Entrants must provide a letter from a faculty member certifying that a student wrote the paper. Entrants should submit four copies of an article-length paper. The name of the author(s) should appear only on the title page of the paper. The title page should include the authors affiliations, mailing addresses, and telephone numbers.

Papers are limited to 30 double-spaced pages, including title page, abstract, tables, figures, notes, and references. Papers should be prepared according to current edition of the publication manual of the American Psychological Association.

Entries (accompanied by faculty letters) must be received by September 3, 2004. The winning paper will be announced by November 10, 2004. Submit entries to Dave Altman, VP Leadership & Innovation, Center for Creative Leadership, One Leadership Place, P.O. Box 26300, Greensboro, NC 27438-6300.

Call for Proposals
National Multicultural Conference and Summit 2005
January 2728, 2005
Renaissance Hollywood Hotel, Hollywood, California

Program Proposal Format
To be considered, each proposal must contain the following information and must be received by July 9, 2004:

1. Cover PageIncludes the corresponding authors name, degree, affiliation, mailing address, phone number, fax, e-mail, title of program (10 words or less), and type of program: individual paper (50 min), symposium (2 hrs), difficult dialogue or workshop (1 hr 50 min).

2. Presenters PageIncludes a list of all presenters and their contact information, their presentation titles, their degree and affiliation, and indicate program chair(s) and discussant(s), if applicable.

3. SummariesIncludes four copies of 500-word general program summary and four copies of 500-word summaries for each presenter with titles (10 words or less) detailing evidence-based methods in relation to training/teaching, research and practice.

4. Audiovisual Equipment RequestIndicate any A/V needs for the program. Costs have increased substantially for A/V. Participants are encouraged to use handouts when possible.

5. Accommodations RequestIndicate any special needs of any presenters.

Proposals Due DateJuly 9, 2004

There will be no exceptions to the due date.

Notification date after September 13, 2004

All decisions are final.

Acceptance does not waive attendance feeall presenters are subject to the registration fee of the conference.

Program Guidelines
No previously published presentations will be accepted.

All proposals should adhere to the American Psychological Association principles of ethics and disclosure.

There will be a limit of two presentations per presenter over the course of the conference.

Send all proposals electronically to lvazquez@nmsu.edu.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through e-mail or phone at 505/646-2121.

Other contact information for further information: Luis A. Vzquez, PhD, Department Head, MSC 3 CEP, New Mexico State University, P.O. Box 30001, Las Cruces, New Mexico 88003-8001, Office: 505/646-2121, Fax: 505/646-8035.

Call for Reviewers
National Multicultural Conference and Summit 2005

The planners of the 2-day National Multicultural Conference and Summit 2005 (NMCS 2005) are seeking qualified reviewers. NMCS 2005 will address research, education and training, practice, and public interest issues within the context of the theme: The Psychology of Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Disability: What Works, With Whom, and Under What Circumstances? The Summit will bring together many outstanding psychologists, counselors and various helping professionals who have worked in the areas of race relations and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and disability.

The goals for this important event are to (a) examine training/teaching, research and practice issues related to race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability; (b) present evidenced-based methods, interventions, and practice on how these socio-demographic variables intersect, converge, and diverge; (c) stimulate difficult dialogues (including bilingual, sign language, vocabulary) between and within racial/ethnic groups, gay men and lesbian women, the physically abled and disabled, and women and men; and (d) concentrate on methods and strategies to reduce bias, prejudice, and discrimination and increase proven knowledge in our relationships with each other and with the larger community through evidenced-based methods.

The Summit will be held in Hollywood, California, January 2728, 2005, at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. 

Proposals for presentations, symposia, student posters, or difficult dialogues are due to the committee by July 9, 2004. All reviews are due by September 13, 2004.

If you would be interested in reviewing for this exciting conference, please contact Luis A. Vzquez, PhD, Department Head, MSC 3 CEP, New Mexico State University, P.O. Box 30001, Las Cruces, New Mexico 88003-8001, Office: 505/646-2121; Fax: 505/646-803; E-mail: lvazquez@nmsu.edu

Thank you for your willingness to participate.

Call for Applications to Fulbright Scholar Program 

The Fulbright Scholar Program offers faculty and professionals opportunities for lecturing and/or research during the 20052006 academic year in 140 countries. The application deadline is August 1, 2004. Visit http://www.cies.org.

XIIth European Congress on Work and Organizational Psychology

Handan Kepir Sinangil
Organizing Committee Chair

The XIIth European Congress on Work and Organizational Psychology will take place in Istanbul, Turkey at Grand Cevahir Convention Center, between 1215 May, 2005. The congress is jointly hosted by Turkish Psychological Association (TPA) and European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP). The congress theme is Convivence in Organizations and Society: Living Together in Organizations and Society. From the beginning of the discipline, work and organizational psychologists dealt with organizational convivence in terms of living together in the work environment where individuals spend most of their life time and invest energies, thoughts, emotions, and hopes. At the same time organizational convivence should be considered as the ground to start building projects, realizing goods and services, managing the present, and preparing for the future. Considering the dynamics of change and globalization, the theme covers all the topics of industrial, work, and organizational psychology including the emerging topics for submission.

We are expecting considerable submission of symposia, individual presentations, thematic sessions and posters, interactive sessions, and precongress workshops that will make this European Congress an excellent opportunity to interact, exchange, and debate new directions in work and organizational psychology.

The congress is intended for psychologists, academics, PhD students, trainers, educators and other professionals working in the field of work and organizational psychology. The official language of the congress is English. Simultaneous translation will NOT be provided. All the abstracts must be in English. Submissions for symposia, individual oral presentations, posters, interactive sessions and round tables in the topics of the congress are invited. Also joint EAWOP and SIOP symposia are encouraged to be submitted for information exchange of researchers across the continents.

Abstracts (max. 1800 characters) must reach the congress secretariat by September 30, 2004 and must be delivered online. Full details about the congress can be found at www.eawop2005.org. For further information on submission and the organization, please contact sinangil@boun.edu.tr.

9th European Congress of Psychology
July 3-8, 2005
Granada, Spain

The European Federation of Psychologists Associations (EFPA) is Europes foremost psychological organization, bringing together more than 240,000 professionals from 31 countries (www.efpa.be). Among its responsibilities is the organization of the biennial European Congress of Psychology, which presents the principal advances made in both scientific and professional psychology, thus promoting the development of the discipline in both fields.

Under the auspices of the EFPA, the Spanish Psychological Association (COP) is organizing the 9th European Congress of Psychology in Granada (Spain) from July 3 to 8, 2005. The choice of location has not been made lightly: Granada not only boasts top-quality facilities for scientific meetings, but is also one of the worlds most popular tourist attractions. Both the city and its surroundings are of unrivaled charm and beauty, enhanced by an excellent climate and a magnificent cultural heritage not forgetting the fine Mediterranean beaches just a short distance away. 

The organizers of the 9th Congress will make sure not only that the scientific papers, workshops, roundtables, symposia, and posters are of the highest quality, but also that those attending can combine fruitful participation in the congress with enjoyment of the tourist and cultural opportunities offered by Granada and by southern Spain in general. 

The Web page of the congress (www.ecp2005.com) already contains a large quantity of information on its structure, thematic areas, and invited speakers. From the page, those interested in attending can book hotels, present proposals and contributions, and find all the information they need on any aspect of the event. 

If a meeting of this importance is always interesting, the fact of its being held in Granada makes it even more so. Now is the time to plan your trip to Granada 2005. Were waiting for you (Web page: www.ecp2005.com; e-mail: ecp2005@ecp2005.com).

APA Presidential Citation Recipient: 
The Business of Practice Network (BOPN)

APA President, Diane F. Halpern, PhD, will be presenting the Business of Practice Network (BOPN) with a presidential citation at the closing session of APAs 2004 annual convention. The closing session is scheduled from 12 noon1 p.m. on Sunday, August 1 in the Kalakaua Ballroom at the Honolulu Convention Center.

The Business of Practice Network (BOPN) was created by the APA Practice Directorate in 1995 and consists of a nationwide network of over 50 psychologists representing both state psychological associations and practice divisions. The BOPN representatives forge new connections in the business community through the implementation of state-based Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award (PHWA) programs. Through their dedicated work and successful creation of PHWA programs in their respective states, the business community is fast becoming educated about the value of psychological services. The PHWA recognizes organizations that make a commitment to workplace well-being and who strive to create a psychologically healthy work environment for employees. Members of the BOPN work to strategically position psychology in a leadership role within the healthcare marketplace by developing strong collaborative relationships with organizations and by helping practicing psychologists to better understand the changing marketplace.

The Executive Coaching Forum

The Executive Coaching Forum (TECF) announces the publication of the third edition of The Executive Coaching Handbook: Principles and Guidelines for a Successful Coaching Partnership, January 2004. The handbook is available to read or download at NO COST at TECFs Web site: executivecoachingforum.com.

American Board of Organizational and Business Consulting 
Psychology Becomes 13th ABPP-Affiliated Specialty Board

Good news! It is again possible for members of SIOP to gain diplomate status in their specialty. Further, there is a senior option for those who are 15 years beyond the doctorate. 

The American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) was incorporated in 1947 with the support of the American Psychological Association. The ABPP is a unitary governing body of separately incorporated specialty examining boards, which assures the establishment, implementation, and maintenance of specialty standards and examinations by its member boards. Through its central office, a wide range of administrative support services are provided to ABPP boards, diplomats, and the public.

The ABPP serves the public need by certifying psychologists competent to deliver high-quality services in various specialty areas of psychology. Board certification (awarding of a diploma in a specialty) assures the public that specialists designated by the ABPP have successfully completed the education, training, and experience requirements of the specialty, including an examination designed to assess the competencies required to provide quality services in that specialty.

Over the years the ABPP has grown to grant diplomate status in 12 specialty areas. One area, industrial and organizational psychology, was dropped from recognition due to lack of interest and participation in 1999. Since early 1999 an ad hoc board has been working closely with ABPP to re-establish this specialty as the thirteenth specialty, the American Board of Organizational and Business Consulting Psychology.

The specialty of Organizational and Business Consulting Psychology is defined as the practice of psychology applied to organizational entities, especially business settings. The practice modality of the specialty is primarily one of consultation and development support for organizations in order to improve their effectiveness based upon the discipline and profession of psychology. Typical areas of practice include organizational training and development, organizational effectiveness, assessment, selection, placement, and performance measurement in organizations, consumer analysis, human performance in complex person-machine systems, and other emerging areas of practice in the specialty.

For more information please visit www.ABPP.org or contact American Board of Professional Psychology, 300 Drayton Street, Third Floor, Savannah, GA 31401, 1-800-255-7792, Fax: 912-644-5655, E-mail: office@abpp.org.


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