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The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Vol. 42/No. 1  July 2004


A Message From Your President
Fritz Drasgow

This Aint Your Mommas Doublewide! or Executive Coaching at the Crossroads
George P. Hollenbeck

The Growth of Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Quick Facts
Steven G. Rogelberg and Paula M. Gill

Rankings of Graduate Programs in I-O Psychology Based on Student Ratings of Quality  
Kurt Kraiger and Anthony Abalos

Conference Highlights

Observations From Chicago: Feedback to Speakers at the 2004 SIOP Conference
Joseph F. King

Editorial Departments

From the Editor: Dobr den (Good day) From the Czech Republic!
Laura L. Koppes

Education & Training in I-O Psychology: Thoughts on Being the Inaugural Recipient of the SIOP Distinguished Teaching Contributions Award
Paul M. Muchinsky

The Career Column: I-O Psychology: An International Perspective 
Lynn A. McFarland

Increasing Diversity at SIOP: The Future Is Now
Miquel A. Quiones

What I Learned Along the Way
Frank J. Landy

On the Legal Front: Pennsylvania State Police v. Suders: Is Constructive Discharge a Tangible Employment Action? 
Art Gutman

Practice Network: Class-Action Lawsuits in the Employment Discrimination Context: What I-O Psychologists Should Know 
Michael M. Harris and Lisa Harpe

The High Society: Putting Some Color Into I-O Psychology 
Paul M. Muchinsky

Spotlight on Local I-O Organizations: Houston Area I-O Psychologists (HAIOP) Turns 25!
Gloria M. Pereira, Edward J. Pavur, and Annette Spychalski 

TIP-TOPics for Students 
Jaime Durley, Corey Muoz, and Andi Brinley 

Leading Edge: Programming Excel Macros
R. Jason Weiss

News and Reports

SIOP Reception at APA Honolulu
Scott Highhouse

2004 SIOP Award Winners 
Daniel Turban

Announcement of New SIOP Fellows 
Leaetta Hough

Report on the Nineteenth Annual Doctoral Consortium
Wendy S. Becker and Kathleen K. Lundquist

LGBT and SIOP: Critical Issues, Barriers, and Future Directions
Eden B. King and Mikki R. Hebl

What Do They Think of Us? Panelists Offer Their Feedback on I-O Science and Practice 
SIOP Visibility Committee

Teaching the Teachers: I-O in the High School Curriculum
Alice Stuhlmacher and Jane Halpert

Results of the 13th Annual SIOP 5K Fun Run
Paul Sackett and Pat Sackett

SIOP Conference: Chicago Wrap-Up, and On to L.A.!
Donald Truxillo and Jeff McHenry

SIOP Program 2005: California Here We Come 
Lisa M. Finkelstein

Interactive Sessions at SIOP: What Are They and How Do They Work?
Lisa M. Finkelstein and Mike Horvath

There Are Lots of Ways to Support the SIOP Foundation
Paul W. Thayer

Everything You Need to Know About I-O Internships: Results From the 2003 SIOP Internship Survey
Liberty J. Munson, Geneva Phillips, C.C. Clark, and Rose Mueller-Hanson

Secretarys Report 
Janet Barnes-Farrell and Georgia T. Chao

SIOP Executive Committee Endorses Sharon Brehm for APA President-Elect
SIOP Executive Committee

SIOP Members in the News
Clif Boutelle

Announcing New SIOP Members
Michele E. A. Jayne

Letters to the Editor

Adrienne M. Bauer and Laura L. Koppes



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Alliant University

Aon Management Consulting

Biddle Consulting Group

Bigby Havis & Associates, Inc.

Bigby Havis & Associates, Inc.

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Management Psychology Group

Mercer Human Resource Consulting


Performance Assessment Network

Performance Assessment Network

Personnel Decisions International

Personnel Research Associates, Inc.

Psychological Services, Inc.

Ramsay Corporation

Sirota Consulting

Stanford University Press

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