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A Message From Your President

Leaetta Hough

Its a wonderful spring day in Lake Wobegon where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking and all the children are above average. When you read this column, it will be a beautiful summer day in Lake Wobegon. 

The Conference in Los Angeles

We celebrated the 20th anniversary of our annual spring conference with another highly successful conference. It has become THE time we gather to learn the latest in our field and renew our friendships. So many people, hundreds of people, are involved in making our spring conferences successful. Thank you, everyone! 

Special thanks are due Lisa Finkelstein (program chair), Donald Truxillo, (conference chair), Luis Parra (workshop chair), Kathleen Lundquist (doctoral consortium chair), Julie Olson-Buchanan (Sunday seminars chair), Michael Horvath (coordinator for conference CE sessions), Doug Pugh (volunteer coordinator), the volunteers who stuffed more than 3,300 conference bags, Lee Hakel and the entire Administrative Office staff. 

The plenary session, organized by Donald Truxillo and Steve Ashworth, was a time to reflect on our twenty years of spring conferences and our impressive growth as a Society. The highlight of the plenary session was Fritz Drasgows presidential address, Computerized Testing and Assessment: Boon or Boondoggle? We honored the SIOP award winners and the new Fellowsthank you, Dan Turban (awards chair) and Gary Latham (fellowship chair). We said a sad farewell to Lee Hakel, our director for the last ten years and honored her for remarkable service and stewardship by renaming the doctoral consortium the Lee Hakel Doctoral Consortium and the Graduate Student Scholarship the Lee Hakel Graduate Scholarship Award. We also gave David Nershi, our new executive director, a hearty welcome. Thank you, Bill Macey, John Cornwell, and the AO Transition Committee for finding Dave and helping ease the pain of a transition to a post-Lee era. 
I am also pleased to report that we are becoming more international. Twenty-five (25) percent of the symposia included an author from outside the U.S. and 18 percent of the poster sessions included an author from outside the U.S. 

Future Spring Conferences

The spring conference has been so successful that, in our recent member survey, you voted overwhelmingly to expand the conference to three full days, with the opening, plenary session on Thursday morning. Donald Truxillo and his Conference Committee are moving quickly to implement this change. We will know more soon and will keep you informed. 

This change will relieve some of the pressure on our program chairs; they reject many very highly rated submissions because of lack of time slots. This change should also help eliminate the low attendance at Sunday morning sessions. Of course, because Sunday wont be a conference day, it should eliminate the problem altogether! 

Our spring conference in Dallas 2006 also has an important change. Although it will neither begin on a Thursday nor last three full days, it has been rescheduled one week later than previously planned. The 2006 spring conference is May 4 (Friday) to May 6 (noon, Sunday) in Dallas, with preconference workshops May 3, 2006. The hotel inadvertently blocked many of the rooms for a citywide event, rooms that we had reserved for our conference. Steve Ashworth and the Conference Committee have negotiated very favorable concessions for SIOP, including a much-reduced room rate for conference attendees, a rate were unlikely to see again. Thank you, Steve!

Annual Fall Consortium

We are launching an annual consortium this fall. Its mission is to bring leading-edge scientists and practitioners together in the quest for better individual and organizational outcomes. Each year a different hot topic will be examined in depth. The topic this year is Leadership at the Top: The Selection, Globalization and Ethics of Executive Talent. In these focused settings, our science and our practice are merged; we will jointly examine what we know, what we are doing, and how we move the field forward in the particular area featured. This years practice and science co-chairs are Robert Silzer and David Campbell, and I am the general chair.
For many years you have urged SIOP to undertake such an initiative. It is now scheduled: October 2829, 2005, St. Louis, Missouri, the Westin-St. Louis. Although considerable work remains, much has been accomplished thanks to co-chairs Rob Silzer and David Campbell, as well as David Nershi (SIOP executive director) and Wendy Becker (visibility chair). The steering committee, formed by the executive committee, developed and implemented a process for suggesting and evaluating topics and identifying chairs. Thank you Milt Hakel, Allan Church, Rick Guzzo, Bob Pritchard, Jeff McHenry and Rob Silzer. 

My Goals for the Year

One of my primary goals as president is the successful launch of the annual fall consortium. In addition, my goals are to (a) work with Dave Nershi and the administrative staff to ensure a smooth transition and effective post-Lee administrative office; (b) continue the visibility and outreach efforts of the Society; (c) support the effort to develop SIOP journals; (d) continue adding to and improving our Web-based services; and (e) engage with the executive committee and other thought leaders to develop a strategic plan for SIOP.

Strategic Planning

During the executive committee meeting this fall, we are setting aside one full day to bring together I-O psychology thought leaders to engage in structured, strategic planning for SIOP. This is the third time in our history that we as a Society have undertaken such a process. The first time was during Milt Hakels tenure as president in 1984, and the second time was during Kevin Murphys presidency in 1998. The strategic planning committee, consisting of Bill Macey, John Cornwell, Jeff McHenry, Jose Cortina, Lisa Finkelstein, Dave Nershi, and me, are planning and coordinating the effort. The starting point is a review of the content analysis of your responses to the recently completed member survey. We will keep you informed of the process and outcomes.

In Conclusion

Thank you for voting for SIOP in the APA election; we regained our fifth seat on the APA Council. Perhaps when you read this, well know which four members are our new APA Council representatives. 

Finally, I want to thank the Executive Committee, all the committee chairs, and committee members who help make our Society a wonderfully successful, responsive-to-its-members organization. I want to welcome the new officers and executive committee members, as well as the new committee chairs and committee chairs-in-training: Jeff McHenry (president elect), Lisa Finkelstein (secretary), Adrienne Colella (member-at-large), Douglas Pugh (SIOP conference chair), Julie Olson-Buchanan (SIOP program chair), Tammy Allen (Sunday seminars chair), Joyce Bono (awards chair), Gilad Chen (scientific affairs chair), Tahira Probst (APA program chair), Verlin Hinsz (APS program chair), Dennis J. Johnson (state affairs chair), Mindy Bergman (Placement and JobNet chair) and Michael Zickar (historian).

We are indeed a thriving organization with a committed membership! 

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