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2005 SIOP Award Winners

Joyce Bono, Chair
SIOP Awards Committee

On behalf of the SIOP Awards and Executive Committees, I am delighted to present the 2005 SIOP award winners. The following individuals were recognized for their outstanding contributions to industrial-organizational psychology at the 2005 annual conference held in Los Angeles. Congratualtions to all of the following award winners.

Robert G. Folger
Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award

Dr. Folger (University of Central Florida) is honored for his important contributions to I-O psychology, particularly in organizational justice, where his research has helped define and develop this entire area of study. He has been instrumental in developing fairness theory, one of two theories that dominate justice literature. He has also contributed significantly to the literature on research methods, organizational change, entrepreneurship, and workplace aggression. A major influence with other researchers, his work has been cited more than 2,400 times.

Angelo S. DeNisi
Distinguished Scientific Contributions Award

Dr. DeNisi (Texas A&M University) is recognized as a model of a scholar and a leader in I-O psychology. He has made major contributions in performance appraisal and feedback. His 1984 paper on cognitive process in appraisal decisions has shaped a body of literature for 2 decades. A paper he cowrote on performance feedback has been called one of the 10 most important papers in the field in the last 25 years. A former SIOP president, he also has contributed to scientific knowledge in the areas of job analysis, union management relations, and the implementation of mergers and acquisitions.

David A. Nadler
Distinguished Professional Contributions Award

Dr. Nadler (Mercer Delta Consulting LLC) is recognized for effecting enormous advances in the knowledge and understanding of organizational diagnosis and change. He has authored or coauthored 14 books, most of which illustrate the application and development of theory based upon his work with prominent organizations. In 1980 he founded the Delta Consulting Group (now Mercer Delta Consulting LLC, where he is chairman and CEO), which focuses on the design and leadership of large-scale organizational change. He has extended the reach of I-O with articles in some 32 journals, providing internships for I-O students, endowing a doctoral fellowship at Harvard Business School, and presenting at SIOP preconference workshops.

Frank W. Erwin
Distinguished Professional Contributions Award

Dr. Erwin, a technical board member and advisor at ePredix, Inc., has had a substantial impact upon I-O psychology, its methods, procedures, and standards of quality work. Indeed, he has been a key individual in the development of professional guidelines for personnel selection, including the Federal Uniform Guidelines, The Joint Technical Standards, and SIOP Principles. Much of his career has been spent in government specializing in test development and validation, working with more than 140 corporations and government agencies. He has earned an international reputation for his comprehensive research and application of biodata, using it both as a main instrument and as a supplement to other psychological measures.

P. Richard (Dick) Jeanneret
Distinguished Service Contributions Award

Dr. Jeanneret (Jeanneret & Associates) is honored for his long and distinguished record of sustained, significant, and outstanding service to SIOP and the field of I-O psychology. A SIOP member since 1970, he was elected to the Executive Committee from 199598 and has chaired and served on numerous SIOP committees. He also has been elected a SIOP Fellow. He headed the committee that revised SIOPs Principles for the Validation and Use of Personnel Selection Procedures, which was completed in 2003. He received SIOPs Distinguished Professional Contributions Award in 1990.

Marcus W. Dickson
Distinguished Teaching Contributions Award 

Dr. Dickson, chair of the I-O psychology program at Wayne State University, is recognized for his enormous impact upon students both inside and outside the classroom. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses and has introduced innovative ways of using the Web in his teaching. He has also developed new graduate-level courses in I-O. An extraordinary mentor, he has had 12 doctoral students complete their degrees and move on to both applied and academic positions. Twice he has received awards for excellence in teaching from his university.

Jason A. Colquitt
Distinguished Early Career Contributions Award 

An associate professor of management at the University of Florida, Dr. Colquitt is considered one of the best and brightest of our young colleagues in I-O psychology. He received his doctorate from Michigan State University in 1999 and has had an outstanding record of productivity, including some 25 publications, most of them in top-tier journals. He has had a major impact on several areas of scientific inquiry in our field, including research literature on justice, team effectiveness, and training. He has been selected to serve on the editorial boards of six major journals and in 2002 he was named the University of Florida business colleges Teacher of the Year.

Robert J. House, Paul J. Hanges, Mansour Javidan, Peter W. Dorfman, Vipin Gupta, 
and Mary Sully de Luque 
M. Scott Myers Award for Applied Research in the Workplace


Robert J. House (University of Pennsylvania), Paul J. Hanges (University of Maryland), Mansour Javidan (University of Calgary), Peter W. Dorfman (New Mexico State University), Vipin Gupta (University of Pennsylvania), and Mary Sully de Luque (University of Pennsylvania) are recognized for their project GLOBE (Global Leadership and Organizational Behavior Effectiveness).


Philip M. Podsakoff, Scott B. MacKenzie, Jeong-Yeon Lee, and Nathan P. Podsakoff
William A. Owens Scholarly Achievement Award


Philip M. Podsakoff (Indiana University), Scott B. MacKenzie (Indiana University), Jeong-Yeon Lee (Indiana University) and Nathan P. Podsakoff (University of Florida) are recognized for the best article published in I-O psychology in 2003: Podsakoff, P. M., MacKenzie, S. B., Lee, J-Y., and Podsakoff, N. P. (2003). Common method biases in behavioral research: A critical review of the literature and recommended remedies, Journal of Applied Psychology, 88, 879903. 

Lisa H. Nishii 
S. Rains Wallace Dissertation Research Award

Dr. Nishii (Cornell University) is recognized for her dissertation The Psychology of Strategic Human Resource Management: The Effect of Employee Attributions of HR Practices on Employee Attitudes, Behaviors, and Customer Satisfaction. Dr. Nishii received her PhD from the University of Maryland where Benjamin Schneider and Michele Gelfand served as the co-chairs of her dissertation committee. 

Stacey Turner, Sarah Singletary, Jenessa Shapiro, Eden King, and Mikki Hebl
John C. Flanagan Award for Outstanding Student Contribution to the SIOP Conference


Stacey Turner, (Rice University), Sarah Singletary (Rice University), Jenessa Shapiro (Arizona State University), Eden King (Rice University), and Mikki Hebl (Rice University) are recognized for their paper, Remediation Strategies and Consequences of Interpersonal Discrimination Toward Obese Customers.

John Skinner and Scott Morris
Robert J. Wherry Award for the Best Paper at the IOOB Conference

Mr. Skinner and Mr. Morris are recognized for their presentation entitled, Proposal for a Monte Carlo Examination of Applying Meta-Analytic Methods to the Assessment of Adverse Impact.

Erin Richard, Abbie Shipp, and Laurel McNall 
Graduate Student Scholarship Award Winners

The 2005 receipients of the Graduate Student Scholarship Awards, which were awarded following the annual conference, are Erin Richard (Louisiana State University), Abbie Shipp (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), and Laurel McNall (University of Albany, State University of New York).

2005 SIOP Awards Committe

Mark Agars
Richard Arvey
Peter Bachiochi
David Baker
Cristina Banks
Cassie Barlow
Talya Bauer
Wendy Boswell
James Breaugh
Robert Bretz
Robert Brill
Kenneth Brown
Daniel Cable
David Chan
Gilad Chen
Allan Church
Jose Cortina
Russell Cropanzano
John Donovan
Karen Holcombe Ehrhart
Jason Etchegaray
Lisa Finkelstein
Robert Gatewood
Gary Greguras
Michael Grojean
Richard Guzzo 
Neil Hauenstein
Rosemary Hays- Thomas
Tonia Heffner
Eric Heggestad
Scott Highhouse
Susan Jackson
Jerard Kehoe Deirdre Knapp
Frank Landy
William Macey
Michelle Marks
Cynthia McCauley
Malcolm McCulloch
Lynn McFarland
William Mobley
Susan Mohammed
Frederick Morgeson
Morrell Mullins
Deniz Ones
Frederick Oswald
James Outtz
Jean Phillips
Robert Ployhart
Elain Pulakos
Joan Rentsch
Lise Saari
Paul Sackett
Deidra Schleicher
Mark Schmit
Neal Schmitt
Benjamin Schneider
Kimberly Smith-Jentsch
Debra Steele-Johnson
Paul Tesluk
Robert Tett
Lori Foster Thompson
Nancy Tippins
Daniel Turban 
(2005 chair)
Linn Van Dyne
R. Stephen Wunder


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