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SIOP Conference News: Los Angeles, Dallas, and Beyond

Donald M. Truxillo
Portland State University

The 2005 Conference in L.A.

The Los Angeles conference was a great success! Our final count was 3,300 attendees. In addition, the conference included a number of innovations. For example, LCD projectors were provided in all rooms, and online audio streaming of conference sessions is available to attendees through the SIOP Web site. 
A big thanks to the 2005 Conference and Program Committees for making this conference such a great experience! 

SIOP to Go to a Three-Day Conference Format

Our conference survey showed overwhelming support among members for moving to a 3-day conference format, from Thursday through Saturday, with Wednesday reserved for workshops. Thanks to Julie Olson-Buchanan and her committee for their hard work on the member survey.

This new format will allow more room in the schedule so that we dont have to significantly increase our rejection rates. Moreover, it eliminates the perennial Sunday morning problem. Although it is too late to move to this schedule in 2006, we are currently checking to see if we can make the switch to this new schedule in New York in 2007. 

Upcoming Conferences: 2010 and 2011

To keep ahead of the game, SIOP must negotiate hotel contracts for conferences several years out. At this writing, Steve Ashworth has negotiated contracts for the 2010 and 2011 conferences, which will be in Atlanta and Chicago, respectively. As a result of Steve negotiating a double (2-year) contract with the Hilton, we have contracts for hotels in great locations with excellent room prices for members. 

Dallas Conference, 2006: Our Dates Have Changed

As some of you already know, the dates of the 2006 SIOP conference in Dallas will now be on May 57, one week later than originally scheduled. The hotel inadvertently booked another conference at the same time as SIOP, part of a very large, city-wide conference that is in Dallas that weekend. But as a result of our agreeing to change the conference dates, we will enjoy some of the lowest room rates weve seen in years$139/night! Thanks to Steve Ashworth for all of his hard work on this negotiation. 

Stay tuned for more information about the Dallas conference as it develops.

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