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Professional Development Cluster Update

Adrienne Colella, Cluster Coordinator
Texas A&M University

A great deal has been going on with the committees comprising the Professional Development Cluster. We just experienced the results of the hard-working Conference Committee and the Program Committee. Donald Truxillo and Lisa Finkelstein provide more detailed accounts elsewhere in TIP, but suffice it to say that the conference was a success in terms of submissions, participation, attendance, and finances. The Continuing Education and Workshops Committee, chaired by Luis Parra (in his last year) and Joan Brannick, and the CE Coordinator, Judith Blanton, also reported another year of successful preconference workshops. Judith is also working on several creative ways to make CE credits available to SIOP members.

Both the I-O Training Task Force, headed by Rich Martell, and the Education and Training Committee, chaired by Steven Rogelberg, have also been very busy. Steven provides a detailed report in this issue. Some highlights include the completion of the guideline review for Education and Training in Consulting/Organizational Consulting Psychology, a completed first draft of a consumers guide to the ranking of I-O programs, the development of a pool of teaching aids for I-O psychology courses, the initiation of a masters student consortium at future SIOP conferences, and the completion of a membership survey regarding self-study modules as a way of obtaining CE credits.

Finally, Janet Barnes-Farrell, my predecessor in this position, reported that the Long Range Planning Committee reviewed the proposed revisions to APAs Guidelines and Principles for Accreditation and submitted comments to the APA Committee on Accreditation. There were some reservations about the potential impact of the revision on our graduate training programs and on our members who are in practice positions.

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