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Education and Training Committee: Year End Report
Time Frame: April 2004April 2005

Steven Rogelberg, Chair
University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Education and Training (E&T) is charged primarily with monitoring and working to improve the state of education in industrial and organizational psychology and encouraging and promoting the development of the scientific and practitioner skills of the Societys prospective members. 

Over the course of the past year, E&T has been composed of a chair, 12 subcommittees, and 15 subcommittee chairs (or co-chairs). The subcommittees are of two types: freestanding and ad hoc. There are two freestanding subcommittees. There is the Doctoral Consortium Committee (chairs: Kathleen Lundquist and Harold Goldstein), which coordinated and implemented a successful doctoral consortium at this past SIOP. Then, there is the continuing education effort coordinated by Judith Blanton, which has successfully elevated CE processes and opportunities for SIOP and its members.

The second type of E&T subcommittee is an ad hoc subcommittee created in response to an emergent need or is working to fulfill the planned objectives that E&Tset for the year. There are 10 such ad hoc subcommittees. Listed below are some of the accomplishments. 

  • We are finalizing a consumer guide to I-O graduate program rankings. The guide will educate students about rankings, that is help students understand what to look for in a study that produces rankings, the variety of criteria that form the basis for rankings, and so forth.Chair: Mike Zickar          
  • We are finalizing the content for and drafting a Teaching in I-O Psychology Web site. The Web site will contain teaching aids such as lecture examples, discussion topics, syllabi, learning exercises, and group exercises for teachers of I-O to use. We hope to design the Web site so that content can also be directly contributed to the Web site by educators. Chair: Carrie Bulger
  • Given the tremendous success of the SIOP doctoral consortium, we examined the feasibility of a SIOP masters student consortium. The concept was well received in our informal and formal assessment (survey of MA program faculty). We hope to implement the first consortium at the next SIOP conference. Chair: Tim Huelsman
  • We are sharing our profession with high school teachers. We are finishing the development of a 7-day high school I-O psychology unit lesson plan for Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools (TOPSS). A presentation on teaching of I-O psychology was made at a TOPSS-sponsored HS teacher conference in New Jersey. Chair: Doug Maynard.
  • We assessed member interest in self-study training courses (various I-O topics) potentially for CE credit. Initial results suggest that the respondents, particularly practitioners, are strongly supportive of self-study modules that would supplement the existing SIOP conference workshops. Implementation and execution issues are being discussed. Chair: Vic Catano
  • We have contributed a column on education and training issues in each addition of TIP. Chairs: David Costanza and Jennifer Kisamore
  • We surveyed organizations providing high school and undergraduate internship opportunities. This resulted in two TIP publications that discussed internship practices and so forth. Chairs: Geneva Phillips and Rose Hanson
  • We provided extensive feedback on the Guidelines for Education and Training at the Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Level in Consulting Psychology/Organizational Consulting Psychology. Chair: Kevin Ford
  • To help promote the diversity of our profession and to make I-O psychology more accessible to underserved populations, a lecture series (the Speakers Bureau of I-O Psychologists) is being created. This would provide speakers to psychology and social science departments at universities that do not currently have any full-time I-O faculty members. Chair: Peter Bachiochi.
  • We have fielded dozens of e-mail and telephone inquiries from students and professionals concerning I-O as a field and education opportunities.
  • We co-sponsored a program directors meeting at the SIOP conference. 

Although the term we is used liberally in describing the subcommittees accomplishments, the subcommittee chairs and their members deserve full credit. Thank you to: Bill Attenweiler, Peter Bachiochi, Judith Blanton, Aaron Bolin, Chieh-Chen Bowen, Carrie Bulger, Victor Catano, David Costanza, Gwen Fisher, Kevin Ford, Harold Goldstein, Jane Halpert, Rose Hanson, Todd Harris, Neil Hauenstein, Rosemary Hays-Thomas, Michael Horvath, Tim Huelsman, Mike Zickar, Linda Jackson, Jennifer Kisamore, Jennifer Lucas, Kathleen Lundquist, Alexandra Luong, Douglas Maynard, Morell Mullins, Jerry Palmer, Geneva Phillips, Tahira Probst, Nora Reilly, Dan Sachau, Rob Schmieder, Peggy Stockdale, Alice Stuhlmacher, Judith Van Hein, and Bob Yonker. 

Future Work

Besides continuing and finishing work on the above subcommittees, some of the subcommittees on the horizon include:

  • Creating a teachers of I-O psychology discussion list
  • Identifying and listing on the SIOP Web site universities that have undergraduate I-O psychology majors, minors, and concentrations
  • Creating a resource that will facilitate international sabbatical appointments/exchanges

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